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What to Wear to a Destination Wedding

From the mountains to the city & every destination in between

Just RSVP’d to a destination wedding? Get ready to pack the perfect dress for your upcoming event. When heading to a destination wedding, it’s important to take your location into consideration before picking an outfit. From mountain weddings to city ceremonies, we’ve got the perfect wedding guest attire for every destination. Keep reading to learn what to wear to a destination wedding.

Mountain Wedding

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Headed to a wedding in the mountains? Our #1 tip is to choose a long sleeve dress for built-in warmth, regardless of the season! If it’s a cold weather wedding, reach for velvet for a luxe look. In the summer and springtime, a dress made from light & airy fabrics like chiffon is perfect.

When it comes to color, we recommend picking a dress in either black, navy, or wine to complement the woodsy backdrop. But if you want to stand out—go for gold! This golden metallic mini, which also comes in black and red, will ensure you’re the star of the dance floor.

Beach Wedding

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Does your invitation say beach wedding? Unless specifically stated by the couple, we recommend against wearing beach attire to the celebration. The next best choice? A fun & flirty style that feels extra special, just like the vacation destination. Consider a patterned dress or a dress in a bright, bold color. To stay sweat-free, we recommend opting for a short dress style that is either strapless, off-the-shoulder, or has spaghetti straps. Pair with a fancy pair of sandals to make walking on the sand a breeze.

City Wedding

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For city wedding, we recommend a sleek style with subtly sexy touches: think cutouts and thigh-high leg slits. You can’t go wrong with a classic color like black, but don’t be afraid to be bold and wear red. Worried about comfort? For a unique look you’ll be comfortable mingling in all night long, jumpsuits are the way to go. Finish off with accessories that shine as bright as a city skyline at night.

Ready to start shopping for your upcoming destination wedding? Browse occasion dresses or visit your local store. Need some more help dressing for the right dress code? Check out our posts on picking the perfect outfit for spring, summer, fall, or winter weddings based on dress codes.

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