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How To Plan a Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Bridal Shower: A Complete Walkthrough

Pop the bubbly! It’s time to celebrate the bride-to-be with a bridal shower! A bridal shower is a special event to “shower” the bride-to-be with love, gifts, and celebration. Typically a bridal shower is hosted by the bridesmaids and often times the mother of the bride will help as well. Typically, the bridal shower will take place either at a restaurant, event space or at someones house. To help you plan the perfect bridal shower we rounded-up the most frequent questions about how to plan a bridal shower.

Who hosts a bridal shower?

Between the bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, relatives, and close friends, there are so many people who want to share the love and honor the bride-to-be. Any of these people can host a bridal shower. Sometimes, there’s even more than one shower to accommodate friends and family scattered across the country. It’s wise for the mother of the bride and bridesmaids to discuss who’s spearheading things so that the responsible individual(s) can get the party planning started.

When do you host a bridal shower?

Anytime from six months to a few weeks before the wedding date is a great time to get guests excited for the festivities to come. The bride will feel so special with her loved ones surrounding her, and guests will get to know other attendees before the big day.

bridal to be at her bridal shower

When should you send out the bridal shower invitations?

It is best to send out the invitation around 4-6 weeks before the bridal shower allowing time for guests to check their calendars, RSVP, and make travel or hotel arrangements if needed. As a host you will need to give a final head count to your venue or catering company around 2 weeks before the bridal shower.

What information should I include on the bridal shower invitations?

The bridal shower invitation should include all of the following information:

  • Name of the bride
  • Date and time of the shower
  • Location of the shower
  • Who is hosting the event
  • Wedding registry and gift information
  • Contact information
  • RSVP instructions
bridal shower favors displayed

Where do you host a bridal shower?

Whether the shower takes place at a local restaurant, event space, or someone’s home (a great way to save some money!), it’s important to pick a location that makes for easy mingling and allows for everyone to interact with the bride and bridesmaids. Many times the bridal shower will be hosted either at brunch or lunch time and guests will be treated to a yummy meal, drinks and sweets.

Who do you invite to a bridal shower?

There’s no “right” size for the number of guests at a bridal shower. Start with consulting the bride’s wedding guest list—nothing is more awkward than inviting someone to a pre-wedding event and not the actual wedding. Typically, the key women in the bride or groom’s lives are invited, plus close friends and family friends. It’s particularly fun to get different generations together, from flower girl to grandmother of the bride, to bond over the bride-to-be! For those who may live far and can’t make the in-person celebration, consider a virtual bridal shower so they can still participate in the fun.

bride to be at her bridal shower

How do you choose a bridal shower theme?

When it comes to the theme of this soon-to-be-Mrs soiree, consider the bride’s personal style, interests, hobbies, or wedding theme. The event should feel like an extension of what or things she loves. Some popular bridal shower themes include: Botanical Garden, Tropical Bash, Champagne Brunch, Sparkle & Glam gathering, or a Rustic Backyard Picnic. Infuse the theme throughout every piece of planning from coordinating decor, menu items, dress code, and party favors.

What about bridal shower decorations?

It’s always nice to use the wedding color palette for bridal shower invitations, hosts’ apparel, and shower decorations to give guests a flavor for the upcoming big day—check with the bride to find out her preferred colors and vibe. For an Insta-worthy focal point that’s yummy too, set up a prosecco or donut wall!

bridal shower photobooth decor

What are popular bridal shower activities?

A room filled with the bride’s family and friends is a wealth of knowledge—use them to your advantage and ask everyone to fill out advice cards for the bride-to-be. All of the people in attendance, regardless of their relationship status, will have great tips!

You can also decorate a wall to serve as the backdrop for a DIY photo booth, set out disposable cameras along with photobooth props. The bride can send the developed snaps with her thank-you notes!

What are some bridal shower games we can play?

It is fun and festive to play a few bridal shower games (if the bride wants them) with all the women at the event. Below is a list of our favorite bridal shower games that don’t take a ton of effort to assemble you might want to consider playing.

1. Wedding Mad Libs – This classic game can be updated to be about all things weddings!

2. Scavenger Hunt – Create a list and hand it out to each guest and see who can find all the things on the list first.

3. Wedding Word Scramble – Scramble all your favorite wedding words into a word scramble and see who can find them all in the shortest amount of time.

4. Bride & Groom Trivia – Create a list of questions all about the couple, like where did they meet or where was their first date and see which party guests can answer them correctly.

5. Celebrity Bride Trivia – Gather a lengthy list of famous and celebrity brides and read off a few hints about each one and see which one of the guests can get the entire list correct.

6. Future Partner Trivia – Have each partner fill out a list of questions about each other and then see if they can answer what the other person already wrote down.

7. Wedding Bingo – This classic game can take on a wedding twist with just a few small tweaks.

8. The Newly Wed Game – Just like the famous game show but the bride-to-be in the hot seat and see if she can answer the questions correctly that her partner already provided the answers to.

9. Two Truth And A Lie – Someone will share two truths and one lie about the couple and the guests need to decide which one is the lie.

10. Wedding Movie Trivia – Gather some of the best wedding movies and share a few details about each movie and see who can guess the title.

Should you give out bridal shower favors?

A bridal shower favor does not have to be extravagant! A small token of appreciation for joining and showering the bride-to-be makes for a lovely parting gift. Think: mini sunscreens for a summer gathering, sweet smelling candles, or bottle stoppers for the wine loving bride.

bridal shower decor

Other helpful bridal shower advice?

When guests arrive at the shower, hand them blank envelopes from a personalized notecard set and ask them to write down their address. This way, the bride will be able to easily send a thank-you notes! And remember: Every bride is different when it comes to gifts at her bridal shower. Some brides like to do a full unboxing for their family and friends, while others would prefer gifts be left on a table. A very happy medium is a “display shower,” where you ask guests to wrap their presents in transparent wrapping paper or any other way that keeps the items visible, allowing for guests to see what others gifted without requiring a lengthy unwrapping session.

Speaking of gifts: encourage the bride-to-be to create a registry with her most-desired gifts (or cash!) in time for her bridal shower. Guests will appreciate the direction once they receive their invitation! Consult our registry 101 guide to get started!

Feeling confident about how to plan a bridal shower? With these common questions answered, you’re prepped to plan the ultimate party! See more bridal shower inspiration on our Pinterest and start shopping for all the perfect gifts and decor at!

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