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How to Find a Wedding Venue When It Seems Impossible

How to Find a Wedding Venue When It Seems Impossible

The most important thing to book first in wedding planning is your venue. This will set the stage for many other details such as date, guest count, and available vendors for your big day. However, wedding venues can be in short supply making it a frustrating experience for couples to find their perfect event space. If you are feeling like it is impossible to find a wedding venue, we have a few tips and tricks that might make it a little easier. Keep reading to see more tips and ideas on how to find a wedding venue that suits your style and budget!

How to Find a Wedding Venue: 7 Tips

1. Pick an Alternative Wedding Day

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Wedding venues book up quickly since most couples are requesting a Saturday wedding date. By expanding your search and hosting your event on an alternate day, you might have more luck in choosing your dream venue. In recent years, more and more events are being held on a Thursday or Friday evening or even Sunday afternoon, making Saturday no longer the only day to consider. Beyond just considering alternative days for your event you should consider hosting a morning wedding or a brunch event. Having a weekday wedding not only might help you find a venue but can also be a budget saver as well.

2. Look for Non-traditional Wedding Venues

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Museums, historical buildings, libraries, colleges, and yachts are all just a few of the alternatives to traditional wedding spaces that can work well for weddings. By considering a non-traditional wedding venue you significantly increase your chances of finding a wedding venue with availability. Locating a venue that is unique and special will also make it a memorable day for both you and your guests.

3. Research Off-Season Hotels + Resorts

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Many destinations such as ski resorts will open their doors for weddings in the summer months. Since it is off-peak from their regular services this makes it a great option for availability. Another great resource to investigate is summer camps. These spaces often host weddings in the fall and spring months before their high summer camp season.

4. Consider a Private Residence For Your Wedding

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There is a chance you can find your dream wedding venue in your own backyard or at a private residence. Check-in with friends or family to evaluate your options. Another great idea is to check out a popular rental listing site such as Airbnb or If you do rent a house for your event, you will first just want to make sure hosting an event at the location is permitted. Along with that, it is important to see if you need insurance or paperwork to ensure no hiccups along the way.

5. National Parks

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If you are planning to elope or want to have an epic outdoor wedding, National Parks are a great option. Many National Parks offer spaces to host a wedding making it both convenient and beautiful all at the same time. Often, you’ll find that these breathtaking backdrops are hidden gems. They have endless potential to create a personalized, unique wedding theme and event space.

6. Read Trusted Wedding Blogs

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Utilize the internet and online sources when you can! Trusted wedding blogs have a wealth of information and can provide unique ideas for a wedding venue. Many highlight specific locations, cities and off the beaten path venues that may just be the ideas you have been searching for. These blogs focus on seasonal and trendy options that you might not otherwise consider. The blog ideas can be helpful alone and/or get your creative mind thinking of perfect options for your wedding day venue.

7. Ask Friends and Family

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Lastly, searching for anything, even a wedding venue is easier when you enlist the help of friends and family. Start spreading the word about what type of venues you are looking for and you might be surprised at the number of suggestions that start flooding in.

A Final Tip for Finding Your Perfect Wedding Location

Take the stress out of planning your wedding venue by being open-minded and creative. Some of the most memorable weddings take place in the most non-traditional places. Be flexible if you can and you might be surprised to find your dream venue available in off-season or during the week. Guests are getting accustomed to weekday weddings and understand the challenges of venue availability. Venue options for your style and budget are possible and keep in mind many venues can be personalized to create your dream wedding event setting. So, start searching to create the most memorable day of your life and let the wedding planning process begin!

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