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Wedding Trends That Will Always Be In Style

Wedding Trends That Will Always Be In Style

Timeless wedding trends that will forever be in.

Wedding planning is stressful. Yep, we said it. Between saving pins, bookmarking your wish-list vendors, and flipping through pages of the latest bridal magazine, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly which wedding trends are stylish for now versus those that will be pretty forever. After all, you’ll look back on this day (and the photos) for years to come, so being choosy about every detail is a must. While we are hardly saying everyone should plan a traditional wedding, these are a few elements that you can customize and incorporate into your day for a feel that is both you and timeless.

Lace Wedding Dresses

The one wedding dress detail that we will always covet is lace. Lace is a quintessential bridal fabric making a lace an elegant choice for your walk down the aisle. There is something inherently romantic about lace and it looks beautiful on a variety of wedding dress shapes and silhouettes. And there are so many fresh ways lace can be incorporated in a wedding dress, from 3D lace applique or graphic and linear lace patterns to textured lace underlays. If an allover lace wedding dress is too much for your taste, a lace trimmed veil could be just the right delicate detail (remember Meghan Markle’s ceremony look?) The dimension lace provides looks beautiful both in real life and in photos.

Neutral Color Palette

Bright hues or a bold prints are pretty in their own right, but you can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette for your wedding day.  “Neutral” doesn’t only mean beige or grey. Muted hues, like a quartz pink or dusty lavender, offer the perfect amount of color without being too overbearing. Metallics – gold, silver and rose gold – are great options for a more glamorous take on neutral. Complement your neutral shade of choice with more vibrant flowers or jewel tone accents to balance everything out.

Personalized Details

Wedding hashtags may eventually see their day, but incorporating personal elements into your wedding day will not. We’re talking anywhere from a monogrammed cake topper and napkins embroidered with your new last name, to signature cocktails that play off you and your partner’s personalities or special memories you’ve made together. Personal touches will make your day feel unique to you from beginning to end, and those meaningful details will never feel dated (at least not in a bad way.)

Bridal Headpieces

The wedding veil is iconic for a reason, because as we like to say: anyone can wear a white dress. The addition of a veil or headpiece are what really take your white-dress-style to the bridal level. Choose your level of veil statement from birdcage to mid-length to cathedral. And if you opt to forgo a veil, you can accessorize your hair with a tiara, flower crown, or hair pin, too! No matter you style, there will always be an accessory to enhance your wedding day look.

Fun Exit

The celebration eventually has to come to an end, but you should always finish the day on a high note! Whether you leave through a showering of flower petals or bubbles, or hop into a decked out getaway car, creative send-offs will always be a do in our book. Bonus: they make for amazing photos!

Are you searching for more inspiration for planning your wedding day? From how to budget to what to wear, visit our inspiration and guidance hub for everything you need.

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