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How to Look Good in Prom Pictures

Nailing the perfect pose for your prom pictures.

If you’re going to prom this year, you’re probably working your way through your prom checklist –¬†ticket, date, hair, makeup and, of course,the¬†prom dress and accessories – but what about those prom photos? You know, the ones you’ll be posting for the next couple months and sending to all your family, and even showing your future husband and kids down the road (no pressure or anything!) Don’t stress! We’ve partnered with Caroline Tucker, known for her fun fashion and lifestyle YouTube videos and extra Instagram feed, to share some tips on how to look good in prom pictures. From Caroline:

I remember going to my first school dance and having absolutely no idea how to pose for pictures, like how to position my legs or what to do with my awkward arms, BUT over the years I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about posing for pictures and what looks best not only off but also on camera!

Tip 1: Find Your Angle

My first tip for all of you out there is to find your angle and what looks best on camera for you! The best thing you can do is not just pose in front of the mirror for practice, but actually take out your phone and start snapping some selfies. What we see in person somehow always ends up looking different on camera. (Like those days when we think we’re looking pretty on point, but then we whip out our phones to snap a quick pic and somehow in all the photos we look like an actual potato??) So start snapping away and pose using all different sides of your face, from left to right, top to bottom, and try out all those different angles!

Tip 2: Find Your Face

Alright, so my next tip is to find your face…I mean, we all have faces, but different facial expressions look good on some people and might not work on others. For example, one of my best friends does this thing where she sticks out her tongue and squints her eyes and it looks SO CUTE! But, then I try to do that face and look…uh…let’s say, it’s not a good or even half decent look on me, haha! Try playing around with different expressions, whether it’s smiling or silly faces, because you’re probably going to need both when taking prom pictures! Look in the mirror right now and smile big with a lot of teeth, a little softer with some teeth, or just go for the complete soft and subtle smile. Also, try out some silly faces like duck face, tongue out, kissy face, peace signs and the many more out there! Don’t be afraid to try out new things…I mean, it’s just you and your mirror…plus it’s way better to know what not to do on prom day than try something for the first time and have it be on film forever!

Tip 3: Practice Posing

We’ve made it to my third and final tip which is learning how to position your body! Something that works for pretty much everyone is slightly angling your body away from the camera, putting your hand on your hip, and if you want your legs to appear super long and defined, then position one leg just a little forward and tilt it out slightly (like you see all those Instagram models doing to make their legs look 100 miles long, haha!).

Whether you’ve practiced posing or not, the most important thing you can have is confidence! No matter what face or pose you make in your prom pictures, being confident will shine through more than anything. So, rock what you got because you’re going to look amazing and your pictures will, too!

XOXO, Caroline

Love Caroline’s advice? Be sure to check out her video about how girls REALLY get ready for prom.

Featured photo c/o Caroline Tucker

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