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Girl in pink prom dress and crown

How to Have an Amazing Virtual Prom

Check everything off your virtual prom checklist for a night to remember!

Whether prom is at a large dance hall or in your living room, the goal remains the same: have a night to remember with your best friends. But prom at home doesn’t come together on its own! We’re breaking down everything you should have on your virtual prom checklist to bring the night to life.

Coordinate the Details. First things first, make sure you and your besties are on the same page for how you’re going to connect on virtual prom night! Zoom is great for bigger groups, while FaceTime or Houseparty lets you keep an exclusive guest list. Decide on the when and where and be sure to set a reminder and test the app ahead of time!

Wear your Dress. Just because the venue is different this year, doesn’t mean you cant get all glammed up! Explore 2022 prom trends and TikTok for prom style inspiration!

Do your Hair & Makeup. You saved all the inspo—you can still bring your look to life! This year, DIY prom hair and virtual makeup tutorials will be your BFF. An updo complete with fun hair accessories to add some sparkle is always fun for a special event – follow our simple tips to do a twisted low bun on your own! When it comes to makeup, choose how you want to make a statement! Explore how to’s for eye makeup trends and DIY glitter lips, which we are loving for prom 2022.

Set the Scene. Decorations are the perfect way to transform your bedroom, living room, or basement into something special! See what you have around the house, from streamers to fun curtains to string lights, to set the mood. You can also use a virtual background on Zoom so you can party without a ton of clean up after.

Wear a Corsage. A corsage is an iconic prom accessory (plus who couldn’t use some fresh flowers right about now?) They’re great for photos and a sweet ode to tradition. See our tips for pairing fresh blooms to your prom look and creating a DIY prom corsage here.

Take Pictures. Make sure to capture ALL the memories! Take pictures of your outfit, group pics with your fam, and of your virtual prom setup so you can share and remember for years to come. Practice your poses ahead of time and be sure to coordinate a hashtag with your class to use when you post!

Bump the Music. What’s prom without a killer playlist? Prom night is all about breaking it down on the dance floor, so make sure everyone has the same playlist on deck so your songs and moves are in sync. Designate the resident DJ of the group to create the soundtrack to your virtual prom night. Give our 2020 Prom Playlist a listen to get started! Plus, don’t forget to save a dance for mom and dad, it’s a big night for them seeing you all grown up (and it’s not every year that they both get to chaperone!).

Have Fun! This is most important part of this list! We know a virtual prom isn’t exactly what you imagined for your senior send off, but make the most of it! Play games, make TikToks, and obviously dance your heart out! This is a night you will never forget!

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