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Four wedding dresses made from different fabrics hanging on a rack

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Wedding Dress

A guide to choosing the wedding dress fabric that will look and feel best.

Your wedding dress fabric helps define your gown’s look and feel. Most importantly, it can play a role in your comfort on the big day. Will your wedding take place outside under the hot summer sun or on a chilly winter day? As you start your wedding dress search and consider fabric options from featherweight chiffon to stiffer taffeta, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Lightweight fabrics

For an airy, ethereal look that will be comfortable even during the warmest weather, try a wedding dress in tulle or chiffon. Lace wedding dresses are also good choice for summer days. The fabric’s pretty floral motifs are as varied as the styles themselves, from vintage-inspired dresses to luxe beaded gowns.

Midweight fabrics

Organza is a heavier than tulle but still fairly light, making it a popular wedding dress fabric, particularly for dramatic ruffled skirts and train details. Charmeuse gives off a glamorous red carpet vibe thanks to its glossy finish and creates graceful lines on draped styles.

Heavy fabrics

Satin and taffeta work well for ceremonies in cooler climates and seasons. With high sheen and thicker material, they’re crisp and classic. Another material to look out for: gazar, which helps give architectural dresses their shape.

The best way to choose your fabric: Try it on, and feel it for yourself. Make an appointment, and our stylists can help you find the dress that expresses you in every way.

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