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Bridesmaids helping bride get dresses

The Bridesmaid Duties You Need to Know

A complete list of bridesmaid responsibilities.

There’s a lot of responsibility involved in being a member of the bridal party—but it’s also a whole lot of fun! When else in your life can you show up in such a big way for your bestie? So don’t stress about it; we’ll break down the to-dos of this super-important role so you can focus on enjoying the experience from start to finish.

Before The Wedding

Go wedding dress shopping with the bride-to-be. She may need advice, or maybe she’ll just want her best ladies nearby as she makes the big decision. Be ready with a tissue or two for when she finds the one!

Pick out bridesmaid dresses—alone or with the group. Now the focus is on you! For mix + match ‘maids, choose a style you love, that harmonizes with the rest of the party’s looks, and that you’re comfortable in. If the bride has a specific style in mind, come on in to try on for size (and to start brainstorming hairstyles and accessories).

Host the bridal shower. Plan to celebrate your friend a few months before the wedding. Whether you choose a theme or simply incorporate her wedding colors, surprise her or clue her in ahead of time, she’s sure to appreciate this sweet and thoughtful tradition. Be sure to set aside an invitation for the bride to keep with her wedding mementos.

Plan the bachelorette party. Here’s where it really gets fun. The first step to having a giddy, goofy night (or weekend!) to remember? Coordinating party gear, of course! And don’t forget the props and accessories—important whether you’re having a girls’ night in, out, or on location!

The Wedding Weekend

Attend the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. After the focus and formality of the technical run-through of the wedding, kick back and enjoy a meal with friends and family. The only other thing you have to do tonight? Wear something fun and festive.

Help with decorations. If the wedding is on the DIY side, you might be asked to assist with some set-up and decorating tasks for the ceremony and reception. Let your creative flair shine—with guidance from the bride of course!

Get ready together. Prepping for the wedding in a group can help soothe any butterflies—maids get them, too! Be sure to take a lot of photos, especially of the squad in personalized robes.

Give a toast. This is usually the job of the maid of honor, but sometimes the whole party gets involved. The best toasts are short, sweet, and safe for all-ages.

Bustle the bride’s gown. Ready to dance the night away? One last thing—help the bride bustle her gown, and then the dance floor is yours…

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