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19 Spring Wedding Ideas And Reasons to Plan One

Are you going to say “I do” in the spring?

Spring is a beautiful time to get married! From beautiful pastel bridesmaid dresses to the freshest florals, there’s a reason many couples choose to celebrate their union during our most verdant season. Spring is such a special time of the year bringing newness, freshness and welcome changes of warmth, sun and love. 

Embrace the season with so many signs of spring inspiration. Just look around at the in-season blooms like roses, daffodils, and tulips. These in season blooms can save money along with being so beautiful. The soft colors of spring add such a lovely touch to décor and fashion for your special day. If you’re considering planning a spring wedding, keep reading to learn why we love this season and some questions you should ask yourself before you book your date!


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Our Five Favorite Reasons for Planning a Spring Wedding

  1. The bouquet, of course. All kinds of beautiful flowers are in season. Just some of your options: tulips, hydrangeas, daffodils, and lilacs. Spring is also the time of flower crowns! There are so many ideas to add spring flowers, décor, hair accessories, center pieces, bouquets and petals down the aisle.
  2. Pretty pastels. For your bridesmaids, picture light purples and pinks or pale greens and yellows. Match the men’s shirts to the bridesmaids dress color for that extra pop of pastels. Accessories, centerpieces, entryways can be adorned with these lovely pastel shades.
  3. Comfortable temps. It’s Goldilocks season: not too hot, not too cold. You’ll feel comfortable in just a wedding dress, but can also pick a trendy bridal jacket just in case! Or choose a wrap to hug your bridesmaids if the weather has a cool touch. So many fabrics and shades to select from. 
  4. Guests without wedding fatigue. Get married in the spring, and your friends won’t be all wedding’d out from the summer and fall circuit. The newness of spring elevates everyone’s mood to get out and celebrate. What a great time to have a wedding celebration, when spring and romance are flowing.
  5. Spring is so romantic. The weather starts to get warmer, flowers start to bloom and everything turns green. It really is a renewal time, a time of hope and love is in the air. What better season to tie the knot.


Three Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Planning a Spring Wedding

  1. Schedules: Will your guests’ work and school schedules accommodate a Spring wedding? Are there any other holidays or activities planned for Spring, like Easter and Mother’s Day, to take into consideration?
  2. Cost: Can you afford planning a Spring wedding? If you’re concerned about costs, consider getting married in early Spring; many venues’ peak seasons don’t start until late spring, so you could score a deal on a wedding that’s early in the year. Shop around and visit these venues, they will be happy to work with you, especially if they are not booked for the dates you have in mind.
  3. Weather: Are you worried about rain or a slight chill in the air? Depending on where you get married, the weather could be unpredictable in the springtime. So plan accordingly, if an outdoor wedding is in your vision, outdoor tents can be heated if needed. There are always options to keep your guests comfortable but plan ahead and consider the options and costs.

Spring Wedding Ideas

  1. Soft and Romantic: This is such a classic wedding theme. Keep things white with a touch of gold and select blue as a subtle accent. This will add richness to your décor and wedding style. Select a variety of white candles and flowers to add softness and romantic candlelight to your venue. Complete the look with glasses and plates rimmed with gold that add a luxurious touch.
  2. Pastel Wedding Inspiration: What better way to bring out the colors of spring with beautiful pastels. Peach and pink are favorites along with dusty blue, sage green and pale yellow. Pastels are so soft and easy to pair together to complement your spring wedding style. White and  ivory can amplify the pastel tones, while gray and brown can add an edgy touch to the soft palette.
  3. Blush Wedding Invitations: Spring brings out the love and beauty in the world around us. Wedding invitations are where it begins. Select a blush color invitation with white lettering to create a trendy and eye-catching invite that will excite your guests. You can even add a floral touch to bring in the springtime look.
  4. Be Creative with Table Linens: Keep it light and airy for the spring time feeling. Soft printed table linens is a great way to elevate your reception décor. Add lots of glass and white, pinks and greens to the centerpieces to accent the linens. There are various options for the fabric, shop around to select the softest most romantic look for your tables.
  5. Flowers on the Spring Cake is a Must: Bring out the best of spring in your wedding cake. Classic white is the romantic dessert of choice. But don’t be afraid to embrace the pastel hues to add some accents. Dried or pressed flowers can infuse florals into the cake. Fresh flowers always please the eye, select garden-fresh blooms of yellow, pink and orange.
  6. Spring Wedding Receptions: Garden-inspired wedding reception ideas are a perfect wedding venue choice for spring. Decorate the chairs with flowers and green vines. Select a venue with beautiful blooming gardens to naturally add to the décor. Large flower centerpieces will add that pop of color and sunshine. Think about lavender bouquets, wicker baskets and wooden benches. To be on the safe side, set up a tent for the reception and table areas.
  7. Spring Wedding Ceremony Ideas: Create a floral arch for a breathtaking view for the ceremony and a beautiful backdrop for taking spring wedding photos. Select ivy to run down the aisle to compliment your spring flowers of choice. Decorate the end chairs to complete the floral look. Baskets of flowers or planters can be placed on the ground around the stage where you will stand for your vows.
  8. Spring Wedding Color Ideas: Along with pastels, there are so many other wonderful color choices. Lilac and white can be a perfect color choice for bridesmaid dresses, flowers, tables and cakes. Blush matched with teal brings a vintage touch, while silver and blue adds a modern flare.
  9. Bridesmaids or Flower Girl Baskets: Pretty woven baskets add that special spring charm to the look. Line with fabric to match the dresses and decorate with ribbons. Select sizes to carry the spring flowers. Flower girls look so cute carrying daisies or tulips in their baskets.
  10. Pretty in Pink: Pink is perfect for all the shades of pink. Pink adds that touch of softness to any look. Think varying shades for the bridesmaids and add that flower crown to complete the look. Flowers in shades of pink are also a great choice for your spring ceremony or reception.
  11. Are Furry Friends Part of You Plans: Our furry friends make the cutest wedding guests ever. Possibly dogs, bunnies or kittens. You can dress them in floral and green wreaths or crowns. Be sure to have animal-sitters assigned if you choose to include furry friends as part of your celebration. They can be a cute addition to your spring outdoor venue.
  12. Take Your Cues From Nature: When you think of spring, think of the fields of flowers and create this look in your wedding day beauty. What better way to create this look than in an actual field of flowers. This natural aisle can be an unforgettable venue to say your vows and a beautiful backdrop for photos. 
  13. Don’t Forget the Umbrellas: Remember that April Showers bring May flowers. So prepare for those occasional sprinkles by having umbrellas on hand. Pick pastel colors or floral prints. These can be used for possible showers of keeping your guests out of the strong sun rays. Either way they can add a special touch to the wedding day look while being very useful if needed.
  14. Swings Are Romantic for Seating: If your venue accommodates this, swings can be such a romantic option for seating. This will elevate the cocktail hour and also make a great spot for photo shoots. Decorate with flowers and greens. Wrap the ropes with green vines and sprinkle with flowers. Think pink or white roses for a traditional look or daisies for a more casual accent.
  15. Garden Furniture Decor: Garden furniture can be a perfect choice for your outdoor spring wedding. Tents are always a smart idea to plan for any weather event. Garden furniture can create a dream garden party or can be used for patio seating at cocktail hour. Either way you can mix and match or keep a consistent look. Don’t forget the flower decoration décor to complete the garden vibe.
  16. Seasonal Menu is a Must: What better way to feed your guests than with a touch of spring in the menu. Spring is the time for your favorite fruits and vegetables. So many are in season so incorporate into your menu. Work with your caterer or chef to decide on the right selection for your appetizers and dinner options. Fruits and veggies are not only a healthy choice but add those beautiful colors of green, red, orange and yellow. 
  17. Ready for Dancing?: Floral designs can create an enticing spring dance floor to get the guests in the mood to move. Created a custom dance floor with a floral design printed on the dance floor. Find a design you love and work with your wedding venue or DIY. Another option can be adding a flower lined dance floor with baskets or pots filled with your favorite greens and flowers.
  18. Berries are so Sweet: Strawberries are an excellent choice to fill your wedding cake or for some sweet treats. This can also be a topping for the cake. This can add that special touch to your spring times dessert to please all of your guests.
  19. Keep the Flowers Blooming: You have invested in all these lovely flowers, so don’t let them go to waste. Give the guests a bouquet or bundle of flowers to take home with them. Guests will love them and if will be a remembrance of the special day they shared with you. Have them wrapped in paper or even newspapers to save on costs and make them easy to transport. You can also donate the flowers to hospitals and nursing homes to bring springtime and happiness to those in need.

Planning a spring wedding? Click here to get everything you need to plan the perfect spring nuptials, from creating a vision board and wedding website to finding the perfect local wedding vendors!

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