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Creative Wedding Send-off Ideas

Creative Wedding Send-off Ideas

Wedding send-off ideas for every wedding style.

Traditionally, wedding guests threw grains of rice at the end of the ceremony as a symbol of prosperity, fertility and fortune as they “sent off” the couple into the start of their new life together. However, today’s couples are coming up with fun, creative, and photo-worthy ways to exit their wedding ceremony or reception. Our friends at the The Pros Weddings are sharing some beautiful wedding send-off ideas captured by their wedding photographers at real weddings along with tips for pulling off your own dramatic exit.


The biggest trend of the past few years is still going strong! Sparklers are a fun and cost-effective way to incorporate lots of your guests into your wedding send-off. Pro tip: Make sure you inform your photographer ahead of time so they can get set up and prepare proper lighting for the darkened sky.


Whether you want to use the traditional paper confetti or something more eco-friendly like flower petals, a “confetti” array is always a classic choice! Pro tip: Designate someone to give a countdown so your guests are ready to shower you as you walk down the aisle or exit your reception venue.


There’s no bigger statement than a fireworks show to start your married life with a “bang”! Gather your guests for a beautiful show to light up the sky and create a super memorable send-off. Pro tip: Let your photographer know where the firework show is taking place so they can position themselves perfectly to capture you in the forefront of the spectacle.


Don’t want to use props for your wedding send-off? How about using good ol’ Mother Nature instead! A sunset backdrop makes for a soft and romantic way for your guests to bid you adieu. Pro tip: Save a few moments before or after for some formals of just the two of you to bask in the golden glow.

Dance Off!

Another way to incorporate a send-off into your reception without props is to have your besties dance you off into your new lives together. It will be a precious and personal memory you can cherish forever. Pro tip: If you are waiting until the very last dance, make sure your photographer is contracted until the end of your reception so they don’t miss a thing.

For help choosing a wedding photographer who will capture your unique wedding send-off, see our 10 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer.

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