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Custom Gift Ideas For Sweetest Day

Sweet Gifts For Your Special Someone

Who wouldn’t want to receive a fun, thoughtful reminder that they’re loved and appreciated? It’s always a good time to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you, but doing so on Sweetest Day is even more memorable. Though the traditional route involves gifting flowers, chocolates, and candy, there are much more creative ways to express your love, and we’re excited to share them with you! Check out custom gift ideas below for some seriously charming Sweetest Day inspiration from our friends at Shutterfly.

Tote Bag

Customize the canvas ‘love note’ tote bag with your favorite pictures and a thoughtful message for a practical yet fashionable gift. Even better? Stuff with gourmet snacks, sweets, and a bottle of their favorite wine to make it the best goody bag ever!

Decorative Pillow

Compose a meaningful message using the ‘Your own design’ template, add photos, or even decorate with your favorite quote, then create an ultra-cozy snuggle zone with multiple pillows and similarly customizable blankets. This special gift will make for a great keepsake to be displayed around the house all year long!


Create a personalized heart puzzle with a gorgeous photo of the two of you or a snapshot of a favorite vacation spot. Get a bottle of wine and a meal from a beloved takeout joint for a delicious (and cerebral) night in.

Latte Mug

Design a unique mug with a thoughtful note and photos using our handy design templates, then pair it with a package of their preferred coffee beans or tea sachets. This will make for a memorable gift your loved one will use again and again!


Gift your favorite chef a very special apron and then set aside the day to cook an awesome meal together with their new kitchen swag! (Don’t forget to buy all of the ingredients in advance.)

We hope these lovely gift ideas have inspired you to get all creative and ready to surprise your loved ones for Sweetest Day. We know you’ll have as much fun putting it all together as they will in receiving it! The ultimate reward will be seeing that big, beautiful smile on their face.

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