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All About the Wedding Tiara. The meaning of the tiara, how and when to wear it, and more!

All About the Wedding Tiara

When else do you get to put on a crown?

Costume parties aside, your wedding might be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to wear a tiara. (Sadly we can’t all be Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton!) So here’s a little background about the sparkling headpieces associated with queens, princesses, and, yes, brides.

What’s the history of tiaras?

In ancient Greece and Egypt, pharaohs, kings, and leaders wore gold headbands called diadems to show that they held positions of power. Over time the circular bands transformed into peaked headdresses, and in the late 1700s, they took their current form of gemstone adornments for women.

Who can wear a tiara, and when?

Tiaras have long marked social rank, but they’re not for every day. Royals typically reserve their tiaras for white-tie banquets and weddings. Kate Middleton borrowed a wedding tiara from the Queen and has worn a few other important occasions.

You’ll see celebrities like Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, and Emmy Rossum donning tiaras and jeweled headbands for big-time events such as the Academy Awards.

And royal and non-royal brides wear tiaras—often paired with a veil—to show their status on the wedding day. For royals, the old custom was that you waited until you were married to wear a tiara. Maybe that’s why it’s common for brides to wear them at weddings!

If you’re in the bridal party or a wedding guest, we don’t recommend accessorizing with a tiara—you don’t want to upstage the bride, after all. (They’re super cute on flower girls though.) Besides that, anytime you want to get a little fancy, go right ahead.

How do you pick a tiara style?

Just like some dress silhouettes will flatter your figure more than others, certain wedding tiara shapes might work better with your face shape: A tall and pointy tiara elongates, while a more rounded style does the opposite.

Where do you position a wedding tiara on your head?

This changes with trends and hairstyles, so you might want to experiment with a couple different placements before your wedding. In the 1920s, tiaras were worn across the forehead, and today that gives a boho vibe. For a more traditional look, try an inch or two from your hairline.

Will you wear a tiara on your wedding day? Check out our Wedding Headpiece Guide for more ideas to complete your bridal look. 

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