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Rustic Tablescape Virtual Zoom Background

11 Inspirational Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Give Your Virtual Space A Refresh

It’s no surprise that life looks a little different than usual right now. Things that would usually fill up our calendars, like work meetings, happy hours, shopping trips, casual catch-ups with friends, and even weddings, are moving online. It’s safe to say that Zoom is everyone’s new best friend. But, letting people into your personal space, albeit virtually, might feel a little awkward and less-than-festive! Have a little fun and give your virtual space a refresh with these fun virtual Zoom backgrounds for your next video chat session! Enjoy these behind the scenes photos of our studio shoots, design process, location shoots, and other pretty scenes to get you inspired the next time you log on!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Keep scrolling through this post to find a backdrop you love! Better yet, find a few in case you want to switch things up! The rest is easy!
  2. Save the images to your computer.
  3. Next time you log on for a Zoom call, find the “Stop Video” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next, click the arrow to the right side of the video icon, and select “Choose a virtual background.”
  4. Upload the images you saved and you’re all set! Feel free to switch up your ‘location’ whenever you please.

Ceremony Scene

Bohemian Wedding Virtual Zoom Background

Let’s Celebrate

Rustic Tablescape Virtual Zoom Background

Get the Party Started

Disco Balls and Palm Leaves Virtual Zoom Background

Seaside Scenes

Seaside Virtual Zoom Background

Outdoor Elegance

Elegant Estate Virtual Zoom Background

Sunset Hues

Sunset Hues Virtual Zoom Background

Get Cozy

Little Bit of Love

Neon Love Sign Virtual Zoom Background

Fresh Bouquet

Fresh Flowers Virtual Zoom Background

Behind the Scenes

Pink Swatches Virtual Zoom Background

Pink Blooms

Pink Paper Flowers Virtual Zoom Background

So until we can enjoy these blissful scenes IRL, use these gorgeous photos to give your virtual space a total makeover! We won’t blame you if you decide to schedule a happy hour after reading this to show off your new space! And, if you do, be sure to snap a pic using your virtual Zoom backgrounds and tag us on Instagram @davidsbridal! Plus, head to our Instagram and Pinterest for more pretty event inspo!

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