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Two groomsmen in tuxedos in an outdoor setting

Wedding Etiquette: Guide to Groomsmen Gifts

Wedding Etiquette: Guide to Groomsmen Gifts

There are so many important people who will play a part in helping you celebrate your big day that it can be daunting to know how to properly show your appreciation to each of them. So here is a guide on how to make the guy’s gift-giving easy and meaningful.

Your friends and family will supporting you on the biggest day of your life so spend a little time selecting the perfect groomsmen gifts to show your appreciation.

Here are some tips:

Who to Buy for

Don’t forget to include all the male members of the wedding party: the bride’s father, groom’s father, best man, groomsmen, ring bearer, and any other males who will be representing the family at the altar. Bonus points if you also do something thoughtful for any brothers or close relatives who are not party of the ceremony.

Make It Personal

Matching groomsmen gifts are great if your party all shares the same interests. For example, if the guys enjoy playing sports or are fans of the same team, choose jerseys or something else sports-related. If you are blending friends from throughout your life, think about what each might like as a lasting token of friendship.

Make It Even

If you opt for non-matching gifts, make sure they are a similar dollar amount so that everyone feels equally special. The exceptions are your best man, your father and father-in-law.

How and When to Gift

The most convenient time to give your gifts is at the rehearsal dinner. If you have a seating arrangement, prepare the wrapped gift and a heartfelt thank you note and place it at the appropriate seat. If you opt for casual seating, it is perfectly acceptable to walk around and hand out gifts. Again, they should be wrapped and include a note, but this gives you a chance to say a few words and offer a handshake (and/or hug).

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