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A Guide to Groom and Groomsmen Attire

Give these guidelines to your groom & groomsmen!

The bride and bridesmaids aren’t the only ones with tons of options when it comes to what to wear to the wedding! And choosing the groom suit and groomsmen attire shouldn’t be at the bottom of the wedding planning To-Do list. This handy timeline, with help from our plus-one The Black Tux, will guide you through the tux or suit process (whether you’re interested in buying or renting), while laying out all your options and things to consider along the way for a perfectly coordinated day.

6-9 months before: Consider Your Options

First, use the formality of your wedding to decide whether suits or tuxedos make sense for your groom and groomsmen attire. A tuxedo (distinguished by its satin lapel) is a sophisticated choice, especially for formal affairs, while a suit works well for a more casual wedding. No matter your choice, The Black Tux designs all of their tuxedo and suit options with of 100% Italian merino wool and detailed attention to fit. Their modern slim silhouettes are complete with high-quality fabric and construction, offering a more stylish (and comfortable) fit than the typical wedding tux. They also offer classic cuts for those who prefer a more generous (but still tailored) fit.

Another thing to consider during tuxedo or suit selection is whether the groom will wear the same thing as the groomsmen or something slightly different to set him apart. Your partner could wear a different tux or groom suit that’s still in the same color family as the groomsmen.

Next, choose the neckwear depending on your wedding style. A necktie is typically paired with a suit for a subtle look, while a bowtie is traditionally worn with a tuxedo, giving off a classic or vintage feel. Neckwear rules aren’t set in stone, however, so consider the entire vibe of the day when deciding on necktie vs bowtie. You can even vary the neckwear styles between groomsmen attire and the groom suit to help your partner’s look stand out.

Finally, decide on color. Gone are the days where the groom and groomsmen only don black, navy, or gray. While neutrals are always a foolproof option, consider unexpected colors, patterns, or fabrics for a modern wedding party. Think tartan print, luxe velvet, or marigold hue, just to name a few of the unique options from The Black Tux.

If you’re still looking for ways to tie the groom and groomsmen looks together, don’t forget the accessories. The Black Tux offers more than just neckwear—think vests, pocket squares, cufflinks, shoes and suspenders to customize each outfit. Keep in mind that the groom and groomsmen suits should at least coordinate with the formality of what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing—it’s up to you whether you prefer they wear colors or textures that match the color of the bridesmaid dresses, or simply complement each other.

Sound like too much? The Black Tux also offers stylist-approved complete outfits that you can tweak to fit your style.

3-5 months before: Get Measured

You’ve decided on groom and groomsmen suits, now it’s time to get measured to ensure the right fit. If your wedding party is local, a showroom visit is a great excuse to get the group together. If there are groomsmen in your wedding party that aren’t local, The Black Tux offers an easy, online fit and sizing quiz, no measuring tape needed. As the VIP couple, you can also check the fit before you commit. The Black Tux will send you the suit or tux of your choice so you can try it on, and see the style and fabric in person—totally free.

One Month Before: Order the Groom Suit

At least one month before your event, you’ll want to order your outfit, leaving your groomsmen time to complete the simple process (The Black Tux will help them along the way and keep you in the loop). Each order is delivered two weeks before your wedding—plenty of time for the groom and groomsmen to try on their suits and ensure everything is right and ready to go before your big day.

Wedding Day:

Shower, shave, steam, and get dressed in your tux or groom suit with the confidence of knowing that you’re looking your best! Bonus: since your outfit was planned in advance, there’s more time to spend chillin’ with your guys before saying “I Do.”

Day After: Post-wedding Returns

If you went the rental route, The Black Tux won’t rush you to return—you’ll have 3 days to send your suit or tux back with free return shipping.

See inspiration for Groom and Groomsmen attire and gifts and Pin along with us! Plus, check out The Black Tux’s guide to groom suits for more outfit ideas and inspiration!

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