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teenagers getting ready for prom

The Perfect Get Ready for Prom Checklist

Follow This Timeline and Prep List to Get Ready for Prom Night!

There’s no need to stress about prom if you plan ahead! Prom preparation is key to making sure you don’t miss any necessary details. We’re sharing a timeline of everything you need to consider to get ready for prom.  From finding a trendy prom dress to booking your beauty appointments, we’re here to make sure your day runs smoothly. 

  1. Finding the dress.

    It’s best to start looking a few months ahead so you have plenty of time to find the one that fits your personal style and the prom vibe you’re going for. There are so many different dress styles out there with an array of different lengths, colors, and silhouettes. Look online ahead of time to narrow down exactly what you are looking for. Pick the one that you love and best suits you!

  2. Accessorize!

    Do you want ultra glam with the most sparkle or delicate touches to complete your look? From jewelry to purses to shoes, the accessory options are endless! Pick accessories that best compliment your dress to make you the star of the show. How you accessorize your dress also helps determine how you may want to wear your hair or do your makeup. Plus, don’t forget what goes underneath your dress. The right slip or shapewear makes sure your dress compliments you perfectly.

  3. Hair.

    Speaking of your prom ‘do, are you thinking a classic updo to show off a pretty neckline or long loose curls? Whatever style you decide on, always book your hair appointment a few weeks to a month out. The earlier the better to ensure your go-to stylist is available and that you get a prime time slot! Bring inspiration to your appointment to give your stylist a clear direction of what you want.

  4. Makeup.

    If you’re going to a pro, secure your time and place while you’re coordinating you’re hair appointment to avoid any scheduling conflicts. If you’re planning on doing your own makeup, always do a couple trial runs ahead of time! This way you can tweak shades or know of any products you may be low on. Make sure you use a setting spray to lock in your look and consider a little extra lipstick and blush so your makeup pops in photos!

  5. Nails. 

    While you’re mapping out all of your appointments, schedule a manicure and pedicure for a day or two before prom. If you have a specific shade in mind, bring it to your appointment for a perfectly coordinated look. Doing your own? Paint them the night before to avoid any smudges.

  6. Get that Prom Glow. 

    A spray tan is a healthy option to make sure you glow all night long. If it’s your first time going faux-glow, schedule two appointments. The first, a month out to make sure you like the way it turns out, and the second, 2-3 days before the big dance so it can settle and fade to the perfect color for your complexion. Prep your skin before your appointment by exfoliating and getting a close shave, then moisturize after you rinse to maintain your glow.

  7. Try everything on.

    Two weeks before prom, put on your dress, shoes, accessories—all of it! Make sure you look and feel amazing, and that nothing is missing, so when you get ready for prom, there are no surprises! Do you need to get a different bra or hem your dress? This allows enough time before the big dance to get it all done.

  8. Confirm all your appointments. 

    Nothing is worse than showing up to the salon and realizing your stylist was double booked! The week before, call all of your appointments and confirm the date, time, and stylist.

  9. Prep Plans Beforehand.

    Figuring out prom night plans in advance will help the night run smoothly. Keep your parents in the loop of what your plans are. If you need mom or dad to help chauffeur you around, let them know where you need to be and when ahead of time (and give them a huge thank you after!). Want to make a grand entrance? Limo services need to be booked in advance. Make dinner reservations or plan out a pre-party at a friend’s house. Don’t forget to arrange for group prom photos (you’ll want lots of memories to look back on). Confirm your after-party plans as well. Having a firm set of plans beforehand will keep you relaxed and having fun all night long!

  10. Day of! Beauty Prep.

    The morning of prom, let the prepping begin! Wake up early to shower, shave, and prep your skin ahead of your appointments. Steer clear of any hair or skin treatments the few days before to avoid any build up or flare-ups. Stay hydrated for glowing skin and plenty of energy to hit the dance floor. Wear a robe or button up so not to mess up your just-done hair and makeup. Also, set reminders on your phone to stick to your schedule and aren’t late for any of your appointments. 

  11. Have the best time!

    And just like that, it’s time to get ready for prom and celebrate! Put on your dress, secure your earrings, and make sure your phone is charged, then head off for a night to remember! Everything you’ve done leading up to this day should help you look and feel your best! Have an unforgettable prom night, but most importantly, don’t forget your ticket!

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