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5 Oh-So-Thoughtful Gifts Any Bride Can Create

Brides Bring The Holiday Cheer

The holidays are fast approaching and whether you are still glowing from your recent engagement or reveling in post-wedding bliss, you sure do have some holiday shopping coming around the corner! What if we told you there is a seamless way to create deeply personal and thoughtful gifts that people will love? And what if we told you that you can create one-of-a-kind gifts using your fabulous engagement or wedding shots? We have the scoop! Here are the 5 most giftable wall art items our friends at Shutterfly are, well, a little obsessed with.

Design Hanging Canvas Prints To Create Gifts With A Dash Of Whimsy

You’re a busy woman, so repeat after us: “Make one, gift many.” This is a unique moment in a time where weddings are serving as the ultimate family and friend reunions. Many of us haven’t seen each other in a while and there’s no doubt you have a ton of photos with your clan grinning and hugging. Hanging canvas prints have this semi-gloss finish that really makes your photos pop and we guarantee your loved ones won’t stop gushing about these thoughtful gifts.

Craft Metal Photo Tiles Of Your Most Unforgettable Moments

Creating mementos with candid shots is one of our favorite new trends. Try positioning those spontaneous moments on metal photo tiles to bring your big day back to life all over again. They are made of recyclable aluminum so they’re lightweight, repositionable and the photo quality is SO crisp. Minimalist border photo tiles, like those shown above, are the perfect thoughtful holiday gift.

Immortalize Your Memories With Wood Prints

Every fabulous rustic wedding deserves a beautiful, themed memento. Just in time for holiday gifting, you can print your engagement or wedding photos directly on wood! Wood prints allow the natural grain to shine through, creating a completely original family heirloom for someone special. Pro tip: Wood is the 5-year anniversary gift, so if you know a couple about to celebrate that milestone this holiday season, find your favorite shot of them to create the perfect gift.

For The Loved One That Adores Big Gifts: Large Size Mounted Wall Art

There are two types of people during the holiday season, those who get excited over small boxes and those who dream of big mysterious packages. If you have a loved one in the latter group, help them tackle that one wall they never know how to fill.

Treat Yourself: Curate The Gallery Wall Of Your Dreams

Take your engagement or wedding photos to achieve that Instagram-worthy gallery wall. Want to use both? You can totally mix and match both sets to provide balance and cohesion for the overall look and feel of your gallery wall. Not sure how to start? Don’t overthink it. If you follow these tips, you can’t go wrong:

  1. Start by narrowing down your photos to 20 or so favorites. You’ll want backup options because you are developing a set of photos and not all of them will work together.
  2. Make sure there’s an even split between horizontal and vertical shots in your top picks so you have the freedom to experiment.
  3. Decide if you’d like to keep all pieces the same size or if you would like them to vary: a variety of sizes for your frames or prints can add more interest to your wall and make your space pop.
  4. Pair your favorite photographs with materials and textures that reflect your personal style and freshen up your space. Choose a design based on the context of your photos.
  5. For scenic photos, try a wooden frame to create a natural feel.
  6. For colorful photos, try a metal frame to give your gallery wall a bold and modern look.
  7. For an artsy feel, try canvas prints for a stripped-down, crafty look.

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