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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

The team of women behind the scenes who make dreams come true

At David’s Bridal, we celebrate women every day, and on International Women’s Day, we want to introduce you to the ones who make it all happen here. These women spearhead the work that turns special events into magical moments for our customers. In fact, 96% of our workforce is women. We are a team of friends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, wives, aunts, and mentors. When our leaders make a decision—from digital experience to marketing to merchandising—we’re making a decision for ourselves, because we are our customer!

we are innovators

changing the game every single day through industry-leading technology, like conversational commerce and our cutting-edge color center

Amy K., Director of Customer Experience & Product Management; Holly C., Vice President of Customer Service; Paula A., Director of Production; Lizzy E., Chief Digital Experience Officer

“Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. The road to success is riddled with discomfort.” —Paula A., Director of Production

“Life is a journey; enjoy all of the twists and turns. There will be ups and downs. Celebrate your wins and learn from the mistakes along the way.” —Amy K., Director of Customer Experience & Product Management

we are friendly experts

dedicated to making every experience the best it can possibly be, no matter where, when, or how you connect with us

Jessica M., Contact Center Supervisor; Rosa L., Director of Alterations; Colleen K., Learning and Development Specialist
Chrissy O., Sales Manager; Samantha B., Stylist

“Put your best foot forward in everything you do and give everybody respect—you’ll get back tenfold what you give.” —Rosa L., Director of Alterations

“I’m learning to ask for the things I need and see where my limitations lie.” —Colleen K., Learning & Development Specialist

we are storytellers

creating a unique voice and distinct look that encompasses our passion for serving women, through design, writing, and marketing

Myasia W., Digital Designer; Jody W., Senior Graphic Designer; Arianna R., Digital Marketing Specialist; Jessica H., Copywriter

“Women I’ve worked with have given me my truest sense of self.” —Jody W., Senior Graphic Designer

“Time is nonrefundable, so spend time with people, places, and things that make you feel whole.” —Jessica H., Copywriter

we are trendsetters

helping you make the world your runway with pieces for every once-in-a-lifetime event

Lindsay D., Senior Buyer; Ania C., Associate Buyer; Katherine C., Senior Buyer; Pamela F., Senior Buyer

“Change is one of the scariest things we will encounter, but some of the best experiences come from embracing it.” Beth D., Senior Buyer, Bridal

“Ask for what you want. A lot of times women get criticized for the things that men are praised for.” —Ania C., Associate Buyer, Lingerie

“Be confident and find your voice. Early on in my career, I was afraid to speak up. I realized I wasn’t going to succeed unless I believed in myself first.” —Katherine C., Senior Buyer, Bridesmaids

we are leaders

driving all aspects of business through hard work and dedication, across teams and departments

Sheila S., Divisional Merchandise Manager; Cyndi R., Head of Inventory and Merchandise Planning; Lia M., Head of Partnership Services; Heather M., Divisional Merchandise Manager

“The grass is not always greener. The best thing to do is often to stay the course and work hard—out of our greatest challenges comes our greatest growth.” —Sheila S., Divisional Merchandise Manager, Accessories

“Have passion for what you do and be tenacious in your approach. Know that there will be missteps, but don’t give up.” —Heather M., Divisional Merchandise Manager, Bridal

“Be patient with yourself, you’re on your own journey.” —Lia M., Head of Partnership Services

we are celebrators

who exist for magical moments and live to share in your special days

Tiffany J., Web Operations Manager

“Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams. Don’t let anyone hold you back or tell you that you can’t.” —Tiffany J., Web Operations Manager

“My role model is my daughter. She’s 9, and she’s not afraid to speak up for what she wants, she doesn’t care what other people think of her, and she takes joy in little moments every day, especially if there’s sparkle involved.” —Jennifer H., Director of Total Rewards

“Do not be afraid to make mistakes; mistakes are what shape you. They make you who you are.” —Angie R, Procedure Designer, Store Operations

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