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Furniture to Buy for a New House as a Newlywed Couple

After enjoying a relaxing honeymoon, many newlywed couples take a second big step: buying their first home. Whether combining households or moving out of an apartment, buying your first home often means having a larger space that needs to be filled with new furniture! But what pieces should you invest in early on, and which should you wait to buy a little further down the road? Our friends at Ashley are home furnishing experts, and they’ve given us a recommendation for what furniture to buy for a new house.

Outdoor Loveseat

Regardless of how you use your outdoor space, a loveseat is a perfect purchase for newlyweds, and our favorite is the Clare View Nuvella Outdoor Loveseat from Ashley. Made from weather-protected eucalyptus wood and high performance fabrics, this loveseat is comfy while also being durable. And we love the size: a loveseat is small enough to fit in most backyards but big enough for you and your spouse to snuggle up on with coffees or cocktails. Plus, if you’re building your outdoor space slowly, you can eventually add the matching sofa and lounge chair to complete the set!

Stylish Accent Chair

Finding furniture that resonates with you and your spouse can be daunting, especially if you prefer different aesthetics. Thankfully, the Puckman Accent Chair‘s modern design and indulgently comfortable leather cushions complement a range of home furniture styles, making it the perfect piece to invest in if you’re still determining the look and feel of your home.


Whether you’re planning to store books, display decor, or a combination of both, the Ryandale 73″ bookcase is perfect for a starter home. Glass shelves and a brass-tone finish make this a unique piece that will stand out while also complementing a variety of aesthetics. Plus, if you love this look, you can add other items from the Ryandale series to your home, like an accent table, mirror, or table lamp.

Stacking Coffee Table

Ready to make the most of your new space? The Donnesta Table slides together when space is at a premium and apart again when company comes, making it the perfect coffee table for a couple adjusting to a new home. Made with faux Carrara marble, this piece is sure to impress your guests with both its style and versatility.

Sectional Sofa

Your living room is one of the most important spots in the house, and you should fill it with furniture that will help you unwind after a long day. The Carnaby Sectional Sofa is a great choice for couples just piecing together their home, as its neutral coloring and sculpted roll arms fit will any style, whether it’s urban glam or modern farmhouse.

For many newlyweds, figuring out what furniture to buy for a new house can be almost as stressful as planning the wedding. Thankfully, Ashley has options that are affordable, stylish, and ideal purchases for a newlywed couple.

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