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Relax in High-tech Robes from California Cowboy

Weddings are one of life’s greatest pleasures and offer a rare opportunity to bring people together. While people tend to focus on the party, our partners at California Cowboy make high-tech robes that help you focus on the in-between moments: relaxing at your bachelorette party, getting ready the morning of your wedding, and lounging around the day after with your new spouse. These are the memorable moments that will stick with you, and it’s important that you (and your loved one!) are comfortable during them.

California Cowboy’s mission is to inspire meaningful human connections by bringing out the extrovert in everyone, and their bridal and bridesmaid high-tech robes help you stay connected while relaxing. Keep reading to learn the top three things we love about California Cowboy robes.

Champagne Pocket

Nothing says “bachelorette weekend” like you and your bridesmaids sitting poolside, sipping champagne! The La Sirena robe comes with a champagne pocket for safe bubbly storage, bringing the energy required to raise your bachelorette party to a new level.

Dry Pocket for Phone Storage

At David’s Bridal, we believe every outfit should have pockets, and we love that California Cowboy has included a dry pocket in their robes perfect for keeping your phone safe. Whether you’re coming out of the pool at your bachelorette or need to protect your phone from the spray of champagne, you can rest assured that your phone will be safe from moisture.

Sunglasses Loop

Never lose your sunnies again! The La Sirena robe comes with a convenient loop to hold your sunglasses, replacing the need to carry a purse or bag back and forth from the pool.

California Cowboy robes can help you and your crew embrace the now (and look amazing in your bachelorette and getting ready photos). Find the perfect high-tech robe for you and your bridal party at

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