How to Choose Special Occasion Dresses

Not sure what to wear to the next fancy event on your calendar? Take our special occasion style quiz for help finding the look that’s right for you.

Choosing a Special Occasion Dress

The challenge to find the perfect outfit for an upcoming special event has ended. Use David's Social Occasion Dress Finder quiz to help you find the right dress for any party, including both casual and formal events.

Our quiz starts by asking you a few simple questions, like what the occasion is, your favorite silhouette, and your signature style. From there, we'll show you some of our favorite styles and give you options that match your answers. Simply pick a flattering, gorgeous dress that you'll love to wear on the special day. The entire process only takes a few minutes, moving you from completely overwhelmed to selecting a gorgeous gown with ease.

Dresses for Any Event

Each social occasion has different dress requirements. Instead of browsing through thousands of dresses to find one that might or might not fit the event, we've made the shopping process quick and easy. All you need to do is click on the occasion you're attending, like a cocktail party, wedding, ballroom social, or even prom night. The quiz will automatically filter beautiful dresses that match each social event's requirements, leaving you with several flattering options to pick from. Next, we'll ask if you prefer formal event dresses in long, short, or in-between lengths to narrow down your choices even more.

Affordable and Stylish Formal Dress Options

Color palettes are crucial to any social event. If you have an idea of which color scheme you'd like to wear to the party – or which colors look best on you – select a color category from our Dress Finder quiz. This way, we'll only show you dresses that are available in those beautiful hues. Then, choose which price range you'd be comfortable with. We have options under $50 all the way to over $150 to match your budget. At this point, you're almost done filling out our quiz! Keep going to discover which special occasion dresses our quiz picks just for you.

Pick Your Favorite Styles and Figure-Flattering Silhouettes

Every body is different, and you know best what fit and style flatters you most. That's why our quiz also features questions that help you choose a beautiful silhouette that's designed to complement your own body type. Then, we'll ask what style you're trying to achieve at this event. Depending on your answer, we can showcase dresses that are polished, edgy, glamorous, or even bohemian to match the look you're going for.

You'll be left with a truly personalized selection of dresses that fit all the criteria you selected throughout the questionnaire. Are you ready? Start the quiz now to find your perfect dress!