how tomismatch bridesmaids

Effortlessly assemble a unique look for your party with our handy guide to mix and match bridesmaid dresses

bride standing with bridesmaids holding flower bouquets

mismatch bridesmaid dresses, 3 ways

purple toned color swatches on a table with ties

ombré blend

color swatches on a table with watercolors and grapes

colorful complements

natural toned color swatches on a table with a bow tie and coffee

same color, different styles


start your party

bridesmaid dress quiz

We’re here to help you discover the perfect look for your bridal party! Answer a few quick Qs to get style recommendations.

multiple dresses hanging on a dress rack

inspiration& planning

multiple fabric samples laid out on a table

color chart

3 bridesmaids in green dresses walking and holding flower bouquets

bridesmaid collections

groom and groomsman sitting at a table and talking

color-coordinate the guys