wedding dressbustle guide

Added by our alterations experts at your fitting, a wedding dress bustle will keep your gown danceable while adding a lovely new dimension to your wedding-day look using a series of hooks, buttons, or ribbons that lift up and secure the train. Read on for popular types of bustles and which will best enhance your wedding dress silhouette.

types of bustles

american bustle or over bustle

The American bustle or over bustle means the train is gathered up and fastened over the rest of the skirt, resulting in cascading folds. This works best for ball gown wedding dresses or gowns with cathedral-length trains.

woman wearing example of american bustle

french bustle or under bustle

The French bustle or under bustle tucks beneath the skirt, creating a tidy billow or two of fabric. It's recommended for A-line, sheath, and mermaid or trumpet gowns.

woman wearing example of french bustle

royal bustle or victorian bustle

The royal bustle or Victorian bustle is a more elaborate option, as the train is affixed down the back of the dress at multiple points, creating dramatic folds. Try it out on a very full ball gown or a cathedral-length train.

woman wearing example of royal bustle

ballroom bustle

The ballroom bustle disguises the train altogether by fastening it beneath the skirt at several attachment points. Clearly perfect for a ball gown, this type of bustle can actually be used on most silhouettes.

woman wearing example of ballroom bustle

bow bustle

The bow bustle adds a little extra romance to the gown. It attaches similarly to the over bustle, but is secured with a ribbon or sash. Best for A-line wedding dresses.

woman wearing example of bow bustle