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The key to customizing a big-event look? Accessorizing with eye-catching jewelry that perfectly complements the silhouette of your dress. But if you’re not sure when to reach for sparkling earrings or when to slip on a statement bangle, use your neckline—and our helpful suggestions—as your guide.

bride with 2 bridesmaids wearing red surrounded by flowers
bride with 2 bridesmaids wearing red surrounded by flowers
bride with 2 bridesmaids wearing red surrounded by flowers
bride with 2 bridesmaids wearing red surrounded by flowers

strapless neckline

Strapless dresses leave the neck, collarbone, and upper chest open for a wide variety of necklace options. Strapless wedding dress jewelry options include popular choker and collar necklaces or delicate princess necklaces. If you prefer the look of a clean neckline, accessorize with statement earrings, like long teardrop styles.

illustration of strapless neckline

sweetheart neckline

When deciding how to accessorize a sweetheart neckline, it’s best to highlight the style’s romantic curves. Keep it simple with a short necklace, like a classic pendant. Make sure the sweetheart neckline jewelry hangs at least a couple inches above the dress neckline to avoid overcrowding the sweetheart shape

illustration of sweetheart neckline


If you’re going to wear jewelry with a V-neck wedding dress, be sure that it complements the width and depth of the V-shape. This means you’ll want to choose a pendant with a drop that matches the angle of the neckline. You could also skip the necklace and go with drop earrings and a bracelet as your jewelry for a V-neck dress.

illustration of vneck neckline

illusion neckline

The illusion neckline makes a statement on its own, so we recommend forgoing a necklace, and instead opting for earrings and a bracelet when accessorizing. Accentuate the details of the dress with dangling earrings that offer a touch of sparkle.

illustration of illusion neckline

high neckline

High necklines don’t leave much room for necklaces, so make your other jewelry pieces the point of focus. Statement earrings are the ideal jewelry for a high-neck dress, and you can complete the ensemble with a bracelet, if you like.

illustration of high neck neckline

halter neckline

Like illusion and high necklines, the halter typically doesn’t accommodate necklaces, but it really depends on the cut. If the halter has a deep enough neckline, then a pendant necklace can add just the right touch. Otherwise, bold studs provide the glam sparkle you're looking for.

illustration of halter neckline

asymmetrical neckline

Keep jewelry for asymmetrical necklines simple, as the one-shoulder look is dramatic all on its own. Necklaces can look out of place or get caught in the asymmetrical neckline, so, instead, accessorize the striking angle with post or drop earrings.

illustration of asymmetrical neckline

off-the-shoulder neckline

You have multiple options for jewelry for an off-the-shoulder wedding dress. With the neck and shoulders elegantly on display, you can accentuate the shape with a glamorous choker and simple stud earrings. Or, forego the necklace altogether and bring the focus to long, dangling earrings.

illustration of off the shoulder neckline

plunging neckline

Deciding how to accessorize a deep V-neck dress? The best plunging neckline accessories emphasize the look’s sleek, long lines. Dramatic statement earrings and lariat necklace styles provide the elegant elongating features that best suit the plunging neckline.

illustration of plunging neckline

boatneck neckline

The boatneck is meant to draw attention to the face, so you may choose to keep the accessories simple. Pick jewelry like a delicate pendant necklace paired with coordinated studs, or go for more of a statement look with a longer layered necklace that falls past the neckline.

illustration of boatneck neckline

scoop neckline

When it comes to jewelry for scoop necklines, you can wear a necklace or leave your neck bare. If you prefer to skip the necklace, choose drop earrings to draw the focus to your face. If you like the idea of necklace and earring sets, choose a short-length necklace with matching studs.

illustration of scoop neckline

it's a vibe

how to coordinate jewelry

You’ll want to consider your dress’s embellishments and style to decide on the jewelry that best suits your aesthetic. For example, pearl jewelry adds a classic element to the traditional bride’s gown, while vintage-inspired jewelry helps you channel the finest trends of favorite decades. To infuse your bridal look with a proper touch of glam, wear jewelry with Swarovski crystals that sparkle, shimmer, and shine.

bride wearing wedding dress with leather jacket sitting in front of a curtain

even more

wedding jewelry tips

As you can tell by now, there are many options for how to choose wedding jewelry based on the style and cut of your dress. You may even find multiple options for accessorizing a single neckline. Luckily, David’s Bridal has the styling tips and broad selection to help you create the perfect wedding dress and necklace pairing. Use this as a guide to help you narrow down your choices by earring and necklace size or length. 

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