Wedding Cake Toppers

 Love Cake Topper
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Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are a fan-favorite decoration for both guests and the bridal party. Not only do they add the final touch to your gorgeous dessert, they also show off you and your sweetheart's unique personalities. At David's, we know that every happy couple is different. Shop our collection of wedding cake decorations today to find the ones that perfectly resemble your personalities.

Wedding Cake Toppers to Match Your Personality

For those who are a bit more traditional, shop our variety of timeless cake toppers featuring an intricate representation of you and your best friend. These toppers are available in several different designs, adorable poses, and a variety of skin tones to represent you and your loved one. Look for figurines crafted out of beautiful porcelain with hand-painted finishes in order to cherish these keepsakes for years to come.

Modern Couples

If you're known for your contemporary style, search our assortment of modern wedding cake decorations. These toppers take an updated approach to a traditional decor piece. Look for rhinestone quotes, monogrammed letters and glass toppers to make a sophisticated statement on top of your glamorous wedding cake. Many of our modern wedding cake toppers include free customization to add your own personal touch to this important decoration.

Hobbyist Couples

Couples who enjoy taking up hobbies together will love these adorable cake toppers. We feature popular toppers for hunters, motorcycle enthusiasts, dog lovers, sporty couples and everyone in between! Browse through all our wedding cake decorations to find the pieces that match your passions the most.