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Bridesmaid Gifts

Your group of gorgeous bridesmaids have been there for you through everything. Show your ladies how much you appreciate their help, love and support with personalized bridesmaid gifts from David's. We have a wide variety of stylish items to help you show your thanks, including comfortable clothes, jewelry, bags and more. Shop online now to find the best bridesmaid thank you gifts for your besties.

Bridesmaid Gifts to Pop the Question

Before tying the knot, ask your closest family and friends to stand by your side with on-trend bridesmaid gifts they can use and treasure. Shop our collection to find stylish bridesmaid and maid of honor gifts to give your crew, including personalized presents that ask each specific person to be part of your bridal journey. Once they say yes, browse our other unique bridesmaid presents to find the best favors for the bachelorette party and your special day.

Thank You Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Your girls have helped you plan, prep and pull off every detail of your wedding from the start. Let them know how grateful you are by giving them presents that are both practical and personal. Our large assortment of customizable bridesmaid and maid of honor gifts include personalized totes and cosmetic bags, bridesmaid shirts and wedding robes your ladies will love using while getting ready for the ceremony and long after it.

Your bridesmaids are irreplaceable. Shop our complete collection of bridesmaid gifts today to find the items you need to show your thanks for their support, including modern and simple jewelry, helpful bridesmaid kits, tumblers and more.

What is an appropriate bridesmaid gift? It's a thoughtful gesture for a bride to thank her bridesmaids with a gift. The bride often asks, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" with a curated box of goodies, like jewelry, self-care treats, water bottles, and other personalized presents.
How much do you typically spend on a bridesmaid gift? Brides often spend around $40 on average for bridesmaid gifts, but how much you spend on a gift for your bridesmaids is totally up to you and your fiance. David's Bridal says their average bridesmaid's gift is $18.
Is the bride supposed to give the bridesmaids a gift? While it's not a rule, it's become a modern-day tradition for the bride to thank her bridesmaids with a small gift, such as a getting-ready robe, a piece of jewelry, or a box of goodies.
What to get bridesmaids as thank you gifts? Matching robes or PJ sets, a piece of jewelry, or a personalized water bottle or glass all make thoughtful gifts for bridesmaids. Plus, matching apparel makes for cute photos at the bachelorette party or the morning of the wedding!
Are gifts expected for a bridal party? While gifts aren't absolutely necessary, bridal party presents have become a tradition that bridesmaids who have been in other weddings might expect. A small gift and thoughtful card is all you need!
How soon should you ask your bridesmaids? It's wise to pop the question to your bridesmaids as soon as you're able to—some brides even ask before they have a wedding date or venue. That way, bridesmaids can mark their calendars (or clear them) to make they don't miss the celebration of the year.
Do brides give gifts at bachelorette party? It's more common for the bride to give gifts to her friends when she asks her bridesmaids or the day before the wedding than at the bachelorette party.