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Booking Your Wedding Hotel Room Block

Why Every Wedding Needs a Room Block & How Elovaire can Help

If you’re expecting several out-of-town guests to attend your wedding, booking a hotel room block will be a game-changer for everyone! What exactly does that mean? A hotel block is an agreed-upon amount of room that the hotel will hold for you and your wedding guests to reserve at a discounted rate. You’ll likely need to request group rate proposals from multiple hotels, which can be a time-consuming and arduous process.

That’s where Elovaire can help! With the goal of finding dreamy accommodations for your dream wedding, Elovaire connects you with hotels that fit all your wedding needs. The process is easy and efficient from start to finish…plus, it’s free! So, read on for all the reasons why every wedding needs a hotel room block and how Elovaire can help!

1. Keeps all your guests under one roof

Couples typically find that hotels located close to the wedding venue or wedding activities are most convenient for guests. Consider hotels that are within walking distance of your festivities to avoid additional transportation costs. Not sure? With their strong connections in the industry, Elovaire can assist you in your hotel search to find your perfect location!

2. Unlock Discounted Room Rates

Booking a hotel block offers you and your guests the best discounts, concessions, and convenience. Elovaire will work with hotels to help you find the best discounts and rates for your entire party!

3. Hotel Amenities 

Your out-of-town guests may consider your wedding as a fun getaway of their own! Think about the type of amenities they may appreciate given the location and season of your wedding: free parking or airport shuttle, complimentary WiFi or breakfast, indoor/outdoor pool, or full-service spa. A hotel close to local entertainment and/or area attractions is always a plus. If you’re expecting friends to share a room or have relatives with young children, consider properties with suites. Suites provide more room for guests traveling in groups and serve as great gathering places during your wedding weekend. Fantastic amenities are always a nice surprise and will keep your guests happy for their entire stay.

4. Elovaire Negotiates for You

Wedding planning is stressful and time-consuming already so there’s no need to worry about the fine print here! With their industry connection and buying power, the Elovaire team can negotiate contract terms, best rates, and concessions for you and your guests’ stay. 

5. Get the Best Price

If you anticipate your guests will have different budgets for their hotel rooms, consider reserving blocks at more than one hotel. Should you decide to reserve multiple room blocks, keep in mind the hotels should be located near each other or your venue to ensure guests can meet during their free time. Let the Elovaire team know the budgets you have in mind and they’ll do the rest!

6. Understanding Terms & Conditions

courtesy room block offers the most flexibility and does not leave you financially responsible for the room block. Typically, the only restriction on a courtesy room block is the cutoff date, which limits the time frame in which guests can book a room and receive your special rate. Pending hotel availability, if your block is fully booked before the cutoff date, hotels will generally add rooms to the block to accommodate more guests.

Guaranteed room blocks require you to sign a contract with binding terms and conditions and may require a deposit.  If one party is paying for all rooms, or you are confident your room block will fill, this may be a good way to save on your room rate or get extra amenities from the hotel.

When to comes time to put pen to paper, Elovaire will make sure you’re comfortable with what you are signing!

7. When and how to tell guests about my room block

The sooner the better! If you have a wedding website, add the details about your hotel room block there. Elovaire will work with the hotels to make booking rooms under your block totally seamless! You will usually be provided with a customized link, code, or phone number you can send to your guests with all the information they need to reserve the rooms at your discounted rate. You can also include the information on an accommodation card that can be mailed with your wedding invitation

Your guests will likely spend more time in the hotel than you, and a great experience will only enhance the memories they make at your wedding. Check out more wedding planning tips here.

Elovaire is a completely free service that makes booking hotel blocks for your wedding totally effortless. With no obligations to book, Elovaire unlocks discounted rates and negotiates the best rooms at the lowest prices for you and your guests. Visit to get started on your hotel block search! 

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