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Ways to Stay Calm and Deal with Wedding Planning Stress

Keep calm and plan on!

The overwhelming task of planning a wedding can sometimes send even the most calm, cool, and collected brides into panic mode. It’s totally normal to feel nervous or stressed about making sure one of the biggest events of your life goes off without a hitch! But, don’t lose your sanity! Keep reading for ways on how to stay calm and and how to deal with wedding planning stress.


Have all your wedding to-do’s in one place to make planning more manageable and help you realize only the most important tasks at one time. While it may seem like there is so much to tackle, a personalized wedding checklist track what needs to be done based on your timeline to keep your priorities in check. It’s easy to access, re-organize, prioritize, and edit your list based on your wedding needs, like when to make your wedding website or create your registry. Invite your bridal party or other collaborators to join so you can assign relevant tasks to those helping you plan.

Wedding Planning Toolkit

Ask for Help

There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. Wedding planning doesn’t have to fall only on your shoulders – that’s what your family, friends, and bridal party are for! It’s an honor to be asked to play such an important part of your wedding and we’re sure they’d be happy to help. Ask them to assist with some of the smaller details, like scheduling appointments or returning calls, to take some things off your plate so you can focus on the bigger tasks! And if you need some unbiased opinions, our Wedding Planning Facebook Group is a great place to engage with past brides and brides-to-be that can offer some expert advice and support.

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Take Care of Yourself

Don’t let wedding planning get the best of you! Create boundaries for yourself and dedicate days off from planning and anything wedding-related! Prioritize yourself during this time and schedule in some time for self-care! A cozy fit and self-care essentials are perfect for your next night off! Since practice makes perfect, now’s the perfect time to step up your beauty game too. Bring out your inner beauty guru with this tutorial to take your next look to the next level. And try your hand at these unique manicures for your wedding day, or every day, look!

Ready to elevate your self-care game even further? Our partners and wellness experts at MyJane have created a bride’s best friend – curated boxes of tested, trendy and high quality products created by women and for women’s wellness. If a day off is what you need, the Dream Box has everything and more to promote rest and relaxation. A bride needs her beauty sleep, of course! And if you are in mood for a little bit of indulgence, explore the Girlfriends Box! Designed to be shared with your maids, before or after the wedding, for a little bit of pampering and a lot of healthy balance. Ready to find what works for you? Explore more curated bridal gift boxes for yourself, your maids, or anyone else in your life!

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Plan a Date Night

date night or quick weekend getaway with your future spouse may do wonders for taking your mind off any wedding planning woes! Use this time to reconnect, refresh, and re-focus on what’s most important! Whether you’re staying cozy for an at home movie night, lighting the candles and running the bath for a romantic evening (we’d recommend the Romance Box by MyJane to set the mood), or grabbing dinner and drinks at your favorite place, do something together that’s entirely un-wedding related! And check out this post if you’re needing some inspo for your date night look!

Celebrate the Little Things

In between all the prepping and planning, make sure you take time to enjoy this process! After all, it doesn’t happen every day. Celebrate some of the milestones, like setting a date, booking a venue, and finding the dress, with friends and family. And just remember…you’re going to be married soon!

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Remember Why

It’s easy to get caught up in the business of wedding planning and sometimes that can cloud the things that matter most! Perhaps the most important thing to remember is the reason why all this is happening: you’re marrying the love of your life! Focus on the bigger picture as you navigate the journey and challenges of wedding planning!

Taking on the responsibility of planning the biggest celebration of your life is going to come with its ups and downs and is bound to bring some stress along the way! Don’t dampen your engagement season with constant worry about the big day! Setting boundaries, tapping into your circle for help, and utilizing the free wedding planning toolkit available on are just a few ways to stay calm and how to deal with wedding planning stress!

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