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Your Alterations Questions, Answered!

Everything you need to know about Alterations at David’s Bridal

Having some wardrobe worries? We’ve got you covered! Here at DB, we exist for magical moments, especially when it comes to what you wear! Whether you are the bride-to-be, a member of the bridal party, or just need some help getting the perfect fit, here’s everything you need to know about alterations at David’s Bridal.

Help…my dress is too long! What should I do?

First things first, don’t stress! In your fitting, one of our alterations specialists will work with you to determine the perfect length for your (bridal, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, party, anything!) dress. So whether it’s taking a bit off the bottom of a dress or turning a maxi into a midi (or any length in between), our specialists can guide you to your preferred look!

For too long wedding gowns, there is both a permanent and temporary fix! Our teams can create a bustle for your gown. This essentially transitions a wedding gown to function as if it has no train. For a permanent fix, we can hem your gown to the perfect length. Our alterations specialists will help you determine which option is best for you and your dress!

How much should my dress be hemmed?

For full-length gowns, we recommend the hems to be an inch above the floor! For any shorter alternative lengths, our stylists will have guides to show you and can work with you to determine how much to alter.

Can I add straps or sleeves to my wedding dress?

Yes! Our alterations experts can add thin or thick straps, cap sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves to any David’s Bridal strapless wedding dress.

My dress doesn’t fit, what should I do?

Our teams can take in or let out your gown! Different factors like the style, composition of the dress, seam allowances will play a factor in the amount of alterations that can be done. All of this will be determined at your initial fitting appointment. Our experts will ensure that they can make the appropriate adjustments that are proportionate to the wearer.

My dress is a few sizes too big, can you take it in?

While your specific gown and its seam allowances play a role in this, generally our alterations experts can take in gowns that are up to 2 sizes too large (and let out gowns that are 1 size too small). This is to ensure the design, proportions, and integrity of the gown are kept intact. Our experts will review this in your fitting appointment and help you determine the best course of action!

I’m in love with my dress but don’t like the zipper in the back…can this be altered?

If your dress has a zipper in back, we can transform it into a glamorous lace-up corset back (which gives you extra breathing room too) or a delicate button-up closure.

Can I bring inspiration pictures of what changes I want to make to my appointment?

Of course! We’re here to make magic happen! Bring any inspiration, pictures, or ideas you have to your appointment so our alterations experts can help you bring your vision to life!

What should I bring to my fitting?

There are a few things that we suggest you bring to your fitting! If you are altering a gown, be sure to bring the undergarments that you will wear with it. It is very important to bring your shoes to your fittings! Your shoes will determine how high or low the hem on your gown sits. Also, properly fitting lingerie will ensure the best fit and prepare you for a comfortable day. And for the brides-to-be don’t forget to bring your accessories and veil to fittings too, to get a preview of your head-to-toe look.

I need my dress fixed quickly…can you do that?!

We understand that things come up and changes have to be made quickly! Depending on the availability at your local David’s Bridal, we are able to rush your request. However, a rush fee of up to $65 will be added for bridal gowns and up to $35 for other items.

How much will my alterations cost?

The cost of alterations varies from bride to bride! The style of your dress and the complexity of alterations will play a factor in the total cost of your alteration. You and your alterations expert will walk through everything that needs to be done and during this conversation you will receive an accurate cost of alterations.

What can I bring to David’s Bridal to be altered?

Just consider us your neighborhood tailor! We now offer alterations on any garment, including wedding dresses (even the ones not from David’s Bridal), jeans, going-out tops, suits, and anything else in your closet. So while we can work our magic on any garment in your closet, we are not able to offer alterations service for things such as shoes, bags, or non-garment items.

Do you alter men’s clothing?

Yes! Your entire household can get their garments altered all in one place.

Alterations on everyday clothes and non-David’s Bridal merchandise is currently only available in U.S. David’s Bridal stores. Make an alterations appointment at your local David’s Bridal. Plus, prepare yourself with everything you need to know for your first alterations fitting at David’s Bridal!

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