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Even the perfect party outfit needs a little backup! For preventing everything from panty lines to wardrobe malfunctions, this collection of stick on adhesive bras, silicone breast petals, high heel accessories and other formalwear problem solvers will keep you looking picture-perfect all evening. Our wide array of bra stickers includes a cut to coordinate with any gown silhouette. Featuring a slightly sticky exterior, these petals and cups gently yet securely adhere to your skin, offering a discreet solution to visible undergarments. These reusable stick on bra accessories are available in a range of shapes so you can get the coverage that best complements your dress' neckline. Whether you're going for a sexy strapless A-line or a cutout sheath, we have products that will blend seamlessly with your outfit. Try a pair of breast petals for an ultra-lightweight option. Alternatively, flaunt your feminine curves with silicone styles that offer the boost of push-up bras with the ease of stickers. A cinch to insert and a breeze to wear, these sticky, adhesive cups will keep wardrobe worries far from your mind on your next big night out.

Accident-proof your entire ensemble with our other formalwear accessories. Protect high heels from sinking in uneven dirt with translucent covers that easily glide on. Create a smooth and sleek silhouette with underwear options that eliminate panty lines. Whatever your wardrobe needs, our affordable collection of breast petals, stick on bras, high heel protectors, and other accessories is sure to include your quick fix from head to toe.

What adhesive is used on sticky bras? Sticky bras will typically use a silicone adhesive to stick to the breast.
Do sticky bras last all day? When you choose the right adhesive bra and wear the correct size, a sticky bra can last all day long!
Can you wash and reuse sticky bras? Yes, you can wash your bra cups with warm water and a bit of hand soap. Taking care of your bra will ensure that your adhesive bra will last for a very long time!
Is there an alternative to a strapless bra? Wearing a dress with structure or a corset would omit the need for a bra. You can also use an adhesive bra or breast tape.