Virtual Video Appointment Terms and Conditions :
• Your appointment will be virtual, and our stylist will be able to see everything in view of the camera you choose to use, should you opt to enable video in your location. As such, note that there will be no expectation of privacy in your surroundings. Please take extra care to secure from view any items or activities that you wish to remain private. For example, if your appointment will require you to try on a dress, please do so out of view of the camera. Otherwise, David’s Bridal disclaims any responsibility for maintaining the privacy or confidentiality of any visual activity which is in view during your appointment.
  • Your video conferencing platform may provide the option for you to record your appointment with your stylists. We realize that you may want to preserve the conversation for later reference. However, David’s Bridal does not consent to audio or video recording of your appointment. Instead, your stylist will follow up by sending you written notes of all of the preferences and items you discuss during your virtual experience so that you retain important and special details.
• On the date of your appointment, you will be given the option to consent to screen shots of yourself for purposes of marketing on David’s Bridal social media accounts (e.g., Instagram, Facebook) but participation is strictly optional.
• If you intend to include a child(ren) under the age of 18 years old in your virtual appointment with our stylist, you must provide a written parental you release for the child(ren) to participate by video camera at least 24 hours in advance of the time and day for your scheduled appointment. Please click here for a release form that will allow David’s Bridal the right to use the child’s likeness for marketing or promotional purposes on social media or other formats. Any child(ren) for whom David’s Bridal has not received an advance written release form must be removed from the virtual appointment before the appointment may begin.
2. Privacy.
• Your meeting ID is for your use only and our stylist will only share it with you. We strongly encourage sharing your meeting ID only with your close family and friends whom you’ve chosen to be a part of your experience. We strongly discourage sharing your meeting ID on social media or any other public format.
• Your appointment will begin promptly at your scheduled time. Your virtual stylist will be able to wait for you to attend for only 10 minutes. If you appear after a 10-minute grace period, you will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • By clicking the Join Zoom Meeting, you are confirming your appointment details and you also agree to all of the reminders included within this confirmation email. Further details are here concerning David’s Bridal’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.