Winter Wedding Dresses

Planning a cold-weather ceremony? Dress for the season with lacy sleeves, warm wraps, and more.

1. Ball Gowns

The chicest way to wear layers: a ball gown with endless yards of organza, lace, or tulle. If the thermometer calls for even more, put on tights, too.

2. Long Sleeves

The prettiest lace-adorned sleeves keep arms from feeling chilly. An illusion fabric makes this coverage elegant and adds another dimension to your look.

3. Lace Wedding Dresses

Mixing textures adds warmth and depth to your look—a combination of ornate lace and tonal beading mimics the intricacy of a snowflake.

4. Subtle Hues

A blush tone is a subtle alternative to traditional white that’ll stand out against a snowy backdrop. Pink not your color? Try a cool-blue or champagne wedding dress to achieve the same effect.

5. Faux-Fur Capes

Stylishly banish the brrrs with a faux-fur capelet. These luxe shawls are equal parts cozy and glamorous, and they pair perfectly with strapless wedding dresses.

6. Effortless Fabrics

Winter is all about staying cozy. What better way than a dress with a little stretch?

7. Bridesmaids

Outfit your wedding party in deep, dark bridesmaid dresses that bring to mind a long winter’s night.

8. And Shoes, Too!

No need for your toes to hide all season. Pick a pair with icicle-like crystals to brighten things up.