Look Amazing in Every Photo

You’ll be smiling—all. day. long. But there’s no need to fret, because we called up a few in-the-know friends for tricks to a wedding album that does you justice.

Zac Posen

designer, Truly Zac Posen

What’s the most flattering, red-carpet-worthy pose? It might not even be a pose, says the designer, who suggests always standing in a way that’s natural to you. “I love seeing candid photos,” he says. “Those usually turn out to be the best ones.”

The gown makes the day—and your pictures. “A great alterations person will ensure your dress fits impeccably,” says Posen, “and you’ll feel at ease and comfortable in your photos.”

Nicole Purdom

national director of aesthetics training, Hand & Stone

Think ahead. For the most radiant skin on your wedding day, start using at-home exfoliators (or even better, getting monthly facials) about six months prior, says Purdom. “You’ll see an improvement in the tone, texture, moisture level, and evenness of your skin,” she says, which all make a difference on camera.

On the morning of the wedding, prep your face with a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid. “It holds a thousand times its weight in water, making your skin look more plump and hydrated,” Purdom says. “It’s like a big drink of water for the skin.”

Hugh Riley

photographer & VP of production, The Pros Weddings

Try to plan your main photo session for the early evening, in the few hours before sunset. “That’s when you get the most romantic light,” says Riley. For midday shots, he advises standing in the shade. “The light is more even, and you won’t be squinting!”

“If you lean just a little bit forward, it’ll stretch out your neckline,” says Riley—and prevent the dreaded illusion of a double chin. “Instead of looking downward, tilt your head up slightly.”

Hands buttoning the back of a wedding gown
Hands buttoning the back of a wedding gown

Amy Kline

director of alterations, David’s Bridal

Wedding gowns are heavy (often six or seven pounds or more, says Kline), and nobody wants photos to capture a drooping dress. A longline bra— the kind that extends down your torso—can actually help bear the garment’s weight. “You’re also forced to sit or stand straighter,” Kline says. Instant posture boost!

It’s important to wear the correct slip under your dress—luckily, your stylist can pinpoint the right one for you. That extra layer holds the skirt up and out so you don’t get a crease at the legs, says Kline: “When you walk down the aisle, you’ll see that nice, smooth gown finish.”