Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses, Different Styles
Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses, Different Styles



Metallics are an elegant way
to infuse a range of tones.

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Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses, Different Styles


Metallics can run the gamut from subtly shimmery to seriously sparkling.

Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses, Different Styles
Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses, Different Styles


Mixing metals is super chic: try a combo of silver, gold, and rose gold.

Metallic Wedding Colors

Bring a chromatic glow to your special day. At David's, we have a wide array of glitzy, glamorous bridesmaid dresses in varying intensities of metallic styles to bring your shining vision to life. Your lovely ladies will look absolutely stunning by your side while helping to show off your sparkling sense of design. Browse our full selection to get inspired and discover the perfect metallic wedding colors for your ceremony today.

Metallic Dresses for the Bride and her Golden Girls

Our metallic bridesmaid dresses include intricate details that will help the women who support you look their absolute best. Find options infused with gold wedding colors and silver hints of sparkle that draw the eye to specific areas of each dress, like the bust or waist. These subtle styles use matching, non-metallic fabrics to surround each glittering accent and create a cohesive look with a touch of sparkle in all the right places.

Metallic Wedding Colors that Dare to Dazzle

If you'd rather let your ladies light the way in luxe, bold designs, choose dresses that are draped in a full metallic effect. We have every brilliant option to bring your ideal theme to life, from blushing rose golds to warm yellow golds to classic silver wedding colors. Pick floor-length styles for a dramatic, formal look, or opt for shorter metallic dresses for a mix of edgy and sophisticated appeal.

Metallic Wedding Themes with a Modern Twist

Boost your wedding party's trendsetting style by mixing and matching metallic fabrics and dress designs. Create a designer-inspired look for each special lady in your party with shiny lace or mesh, metallic ribbon waists and other accents that perfectly suit their sparkling personalities. Link it all together by choosing dresses in the same shimmering color scheme, and create a completely classy style for your entire bridal party.

Metallic Wedding Color Scheme Trends

Modern brides deserve to shine. That's why we're happy to announce that metallic colors are one of the top trends in today's wedding themes. Metallic hues are easy to customize, allowing you to design your perfect day with delicate sheens or downright sparkling and glamorous hues. To accentuate your golden girls in a luxurious color palette, bring together gold and silver wedding dresses. Choose a single color for each dress to make a bold statement, or mix metals to create a stunning effect. Once you've chosen your staple pieces, add details that tie your theme together, like crystal earrings and flattering metallic wedding shoes. Whatever dresses and metallic pumps, flats, or heels you choose, this on-trend silver and gold color scheme is sure to bring an extravagant touch to your perfect day.