Vera Wang Wedding Advice

The famed bridal designer gives her pointers for celebrating stylishly.

Black and white photo of Vera Wang dressed in all black sitting with arms crossed
Black and white photo of Vera Wang dressed in all black sitting with arms crossed

How do I find my wedding style?

Keep an open mind and don't pressure yourself to make a decision right away; give yourself that freedom. Your gown should reflect the location, time of day, season, and style of the celebration. Ultimately, there will be one that speaks to you.

What’s your advice for finding a dress that works for my body?

The dress should feel as good as it looks. A-lines are flattering on all body types, mermaids accentuate curves, and soft fabrics tend to flatter and feel less formal.

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How can I make sure I don’t regret my choice?

When you choose a dress, make sure it is really who you are. If you normally dress conservatively, your wedding is not the time to try something risqué. You want to be comfortable. A wedding gown is about self-expression, and the bride should choose a dress that reflects who she is above all else.

What can I do to personalize my look?

Scent is one of the most unforgettable accessories. Wear a fragrance you love on your wedding day. For the rest of your life, the scent will remind you of the happiness of that day. As for other accessories, keep jewelry to a minimum, but a beautiful veil can create a sense of romance.

How do I create a beautiful, memorable day?

Just have a good time—in the end that’s what it really is about. You should have some wonderful memories about how you enjoyed yourself and how you really were in that moment.