Summer Wedding
Color Ideas

A warm-weather wedding calls for dialing up the brightness. Vivid shades and light, airy fabrics are like sunshine for your celebration.

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Brilliant Hues

For cool contrast to the hottest days of the year, go for a refreshing blend of Spa, Malibu, Bouquet, and Raspberry.

Tip: Think about what’s going to be in the background for your group photos. These brights stand out nicely against summer greenery.

Spring Wedding Décor Ideas Spring Wedding Décor Ideas

“An easy way to build your palette: Select two colors you love, then carry them through your day, mixing darker and lighter versions into the flowers and decorations.”

Pretty Pinks

For your July or August wedding colors, go ahead and punch up the palette. With names like Guava and Coral Reef, these shades can’t help but feel tropical.

Tip: Reception centerpieces filled with foliage balance the brightness of these vibrant pinks and bring a dash of sophistication.

“With exclusive colors that pair back to our bridesmaid palette, Invitations by David’s Bridal lets you coordinate your whole day. ”

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