Good to Know About
Your Vendors

Pop these questions—and make sure you like the answers—before sealing the deal with your wedding pros.

Questions to ask a wedding venue, florist and more
Questions to ask a wedding venue, florist and more

Ask your venue

What can’t we bring? Sites can ban anything from types of alcohol (stain‑prone red wine, for example) to dangerous decorations. Heart set on candlelight? “Some venues allow open flames, but others say no,” says Nicole Kingery of the Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham in Champaign, Illinois.

Ask your florist

Do you have a signature style? “Some florists are known for a particular type of design,” says Chuck Kelly, co-owner of Flowers by Webster in Springfield and Westfield, Massachusetts. “Make sure it’s compatible with your wedding theme.”

Ask your makeup artist

How can we work with my sensitive skin? “Ask if the makeup artist uses all-natural products and has options that are sulfate- and paraben-free,” says Zsuzsi Evans, co-founder of Joli Beauty Bar in Manhattan. Those tend to be gentlest, and the last thing you want on your big day is a facial flare-up.

Ask your caterer

Are you health-department licensed and inspected? “This might be one of the most overlooked but most important questions,” says Lanae Workman, owner of Paisley Cakes in Blackfoot, Idaho. Food handling rules apply to caterers, restaurants, and yes, bakeries. “It ensures the safety of you and your guests,” Workman says. Food poisoning is not a good wedding favor!