Bride wearing an off the shoulder gown. Bride wearing an off the shoulder gown.

120 hours of artistry

Each of our wedding dresses takes up to 120 hours to craft by
hand. How much time is 120 hours? Here's a breakdown in terms
we can all understand:

• 20 flights from NYC to LA
• 120 massages (actually, that sounds pretty nice!)
• 6 seasons of your favorite TV show, watched back-to-back

In short, a lot of time, attention, and love goes into every single dress.
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Embroidered details on a wedding dress.

attention to detail

Our wedding dresses are hand-embellished with artisan
skill. Each gown is thoughtfully designed to flatter your
figure and crafted with the utmost care.

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exclusive fit

We gathered measurements from 10,000 real
women when formulating our fit—not just a handful
of models—so your wedding dress will feel like it was
made for you from the start.

exclusive colors

Our 50+ gorgeous shades are only available here! We
test each and every yard of fabric in three types of light
to make sure colors always match, no matter where or
when you place your order.

amazing value

To ensure the best quality at the best price, we have
dedicated design, fit, and color teams, and employ
streamlined production methods.

ethical sourcing

Our suppliers comply with the highest degree of
ethical sourcing, manufacturing, and labor practices.


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