How to Mismatch Bridesmaids

A perfectly mismatched wedding party makes for delighted ’maids and magazine-worthy snaps. But how to assemble an oh-so-effortless grouping that still feels unified? We put together a handy guide to help you create a unique look with mix and match bridesmaid dresses.


Same Color, Different Dress

This easy approach is the definition of a win-win. The bride can be blissfully hands-off after selecting the color, each bridesmaid has her say in choosing the style she feels most comfortable wearing (right down to the fabric and length), and everyone is happy.

Tip: Take the season into account when choosing your bridal-party palette.


Completely Customized

Mixing up every last element—from fabrics, lengths, and silhouettes, to colors, prints, and embellishments—is the ultimate achievement in the world of mismatched bridesmaid dresses. But even when anything goes, it’s best to have at least one common factor from dress to dress (requesting powdery pastels as opposed to saturated jewel tones, for instance). Communicate the overall vision for your wedding day by creating a Pinterest board with your favorite styles and inviting your friends to claim their dresses, or choose an adaptable style like our Versa convertible dress and let each bridesmaid create her own look. Encourage them to put their own stamp on their looks by having fun accessorizing with jewelry, sashes, and shoes.

Tip: Get inspired by beautifully put-together real wedding parties.

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Ombré Blend

Selecting different shades of the same hue is a refreshing way to create a cohesive look, but requires a little strategy. Choose at least three tones–light, medium, and dark—to allow the color gradation of the ombré bridesmaid dresses to really come through. Think about designating the most impactful shade for the maid of honor, to let her stand out. If the party’s larger, you can also mix in pale neutrals–though they may not live in the same color family, their soft tones play well with any palette.

Tip: Come in for a styling session to determine which shades look best on each ’maid.

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