Melissa Sweet Wedding Advice

The designer behind our most romantic label gives pointers for a truly personal celebration.

Black and white photo of Melissa Sweet

How do I find my wedding style?

Start by looking in the mirror, in your closet, in your jewelry box. Are you a modern girl? A collector of lace and vintage? Do you feel most comfortable outdoors in natural textures?

Gather some images that inspire you so your stylist understands your vision: A picture is worth a thousand words. Then, keep an open mind—she may know a dress fit for your body that you would never have tried on your own!

What about accessories?

Take a cue from your gown: If it's beaded and elaborate, keep your accessories simple and elegant. If your dress is more simple, add jeweled heels, interesting earrings, or a big necklace.

How do I create a beautiful, memorable day?

From food to flowers to music, your wedding should be a reflection of you two together. While it's easy to be swayed by other influences or overwhelmed by ideas, keep the focus on what makes you special as a couple. Infuse personality into your day with family recipes on the menu, special songs, or gifts for your guests. But, word to the wise, don't overcommit to DIY projects—planning a wedding is stressful enough!

What's your advice for avoiding a bridal breakdown?

All too often, we get swooped up in the wedding whirlwind. Remember to take private moments to step back, hold your loved one's hand, and breathe in all of the beauty and joy.