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Comfortable Prom Shoes

Fabulous footwear doesn’t have to be painful, so follow these tips for choosing the right pair of shoes and breaking them in before prom night.

1. How Low Can You Go?

Flats and low heel prom shoes can be just as stylish as their higher counterparts, and because they’re kinder on your feet, you won’t have the urge to fling them off halfway through the night.

2. Wedges for the Win

There is a middle ground between sky-high heels and flats: wedges! Most are more cushiony than heels, and the outsoles tend to be made of slip-resistant materials.

3. High, Higher, Highest

Still want to rock those stilettos? Trust us, we get it. To find the most comfortable high heels, look for a pair that has enough width for your toes. Then, make sure the shoe doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints—when you stand in your new pair of heels, you shouldn’t feel at all wobbly.

4. Break ’Em In

No matter what pair of comfortable formal shoes you decide on, it’s a good idea to break them in before the big night. You can gently stretch your prom heels by wearing them around the house with big, thick socks.

5. Add a Little Cushion

Before you debut your best dance moves, give your shoes an upgrade with stick-on cushions that take some pressure off the balls of your feet and keep toes from sliding too far forward.

6. Second Pair to the Rescue

It’s always a good idea to bring flip-flops or sandals so you can change into truly comfortable prom shoes toward the end of the night. These are perfect for the after-party too.