David's Bridal Petite bridal gown collection offers unique benefits that go well beyond just a shorter skirt length:

Whether your everyday size is Regular, Plus or Petite, you know what a difference the right fit can make. For the most important dress of your life, when all eyes are on you, a perfect fit will make you feel absolutely beautiful.

With over 60 years of expert experience in special occasion dresses, David's understands your concerns better than anybody. That's why we've developed a special collection of Petite bridal gowns designed to fit your shape fabulously and save on alterations.

Our exclusive fit is a benefit you'll only find at David's. Check out our Anatomy of a Silhouette Guide for detailed styling tips and suggestions for your specific body type.

Q: What is the difference between regular sizes & petite sizes?

A: All the gowns in David's Bridal Petite wedding dress collection are designed with amazing attention to quality, fit and detail.

Our petite patterns are scaled to maintain the original design integrity, with everything positioned exactly where it should be for a beautifully tailored look.

Q: How do petite sizes fit?

A: You'll be amazed how the waistline hits just right and all the details fall into place. Neckline, bodice, shoulder width and arm openings are all proportioned to create a smooth fit that reduces folds and gaping. Skirt and train embellishments are adjusted and perfectly placed for a petite shape.

With David's Bridal Petite, you will not only look and feel beautiful but you'll be comfortable and confident on your special day.

Q: What stores carry petite sizes?

A: As the experts in bridal gowns customized for every body, our designers have identified a fabulous selection of gowns that look and fit especially great on petite brides! Petite wedding dresses are available to order at any David's Bridal location and select styles are available to purchase online.

Q: What height is petite? How do I know if I'm petite?

A: Quite simply, Petite sizing is based on height and proportion. If you are 5'4" or under, it is likely you will enjoy the benefits of our Petite bridal gowns. However, the length of your torso is even more important, as true petites have a shorter waist and higher waist placement than non-petite brides. Other indicators are loose overall proportions and bodice fit issues such as gaping or buckling at the neckline or underarm area. A petite fit will be especially important if you have chosen a strapless gown.

To measure your waist placement, start by standing in front of a mirror. Place a measuring tape at the hollow of your neck and let the tape hang along the center front of your body. Hold the tape at your waist and check the tape measurement.

(Tip: For some people, it’s helpful to tie a string around your waist to ensure you’re measuring at the correct placement!)

Find your standard size range in the chart below. If your waist placement measurement is within the range listed under your standard size, then you are, in fact, a true petite!

Standard Petite Size Range Petite Waist Placement (From Hollow of Neck to Waist)
0P–6P 12.5"–13.25"
8P–14P 13.25"–13.625"

Q: Could I just buy a regular size gown and have it shortened?

A: As outlined above, the gowns in our Petite bridal collection offer so much more than just a shorter skirt length, however every David's Bridal location offers expert alterations, so if you fall in love with one of our gowns that is not available in Petite, this is certainly an option.

Q: Which slips and bras should I wear with my Petite wedding dress?

A: Our expert stylists will let you know the undergarments that pair with the style you have chosen. Almost all our bras, slips and shape wear work well under David's Bridal Petite bridal gowns.