How to Fund Your Wedding—and Dress!—
with Blueprint Registry

Bride holding bouquet with groom taking her photo

With the average wedding costing about $33,000, many couples look for creative ways to help fund their big day. An increasingly popular idea is to ask close friends and family to contribute—loved ones are often happy to pitch in, but they may be unsure of how.

Blueprint Registry makes it easy for couples to share what they need, and even easier for those who want to help with the wedding expenses. In addition to creating gift wish lists of home goods for wedding guests, Blueprint allows you to create tasteful cash funds for every occasion, including funding a wedding.

How do I get started?

Did you know that you can manage multiple registries under the same account with Blueprint Registry? That means you can have your wedding gift registry and your wedding fund registry all in one place. Here’s how:

Step 1: Create a Blueprint Registry account

If you don’t already have one, create an account at

Step 2: Create your wedding fund registry

When you create an account, you’ll be asked to create a registry immediately. Choose “Wedding” and add all the event details.

If you already have an account and have created your first registry, hover over the registry icon on the top right of the page and click Create New Registry. Choose Wedding and add all the event details.

Step 3: Personalize your wedding fund registry

Screen shot of sample wedding fund registry for S&K’s Wedding Planning

Blueprint has found that the more personalized and inviting a registry is, the more likely guests are to contribute. We totally get it—asking for cash can be uncomfortable, and wording is important. Ease your loved ones into the experience by making your wedding fund registry intimate and friendly.

Breaking up cash contributions into smaller funds (versus one big fund with a large goal amount) makes guests more likely to contribute too. Smaller goals appear more attainable, like you’re not asking for too much. They’re also more personalized, and each guest can feel ownership of a specific element of your big day.

Screen shot of sample wedding dress cash registry

Edit the cash fund name, description, and price to add a personalized touch. It really makes a difference when guests can hear your voice through your words!

Step 4: Add custom cash gifts

Blueprint has several general wedding cash gifts in their catalog to help get you started. You have the ability to customize them or create your own cash funds.

You can choose the general wedding dress cash fund for your gown and adjust the goal amount according to the cost of the dress and estimated alterations. You can also create custom funds for the groom’s tux, your wedding shoes, veil, and anything in between. If you find dress accessories while browsing online, you can add those to your wedding fund registry with the Add to Blueprint button.

Screen shot of sample wedding dress cash registry

Any gifts added to your registry, including physical items, can be enabled for group gifting. This means that several guests can contribute any amount of money toward the total cost of the same gift, and it’s a great option for more expensive items, like dress accessories, shoes, and the veil.

Step 5: Thank your loved ones for contributing

Along with a heartfelt note, a small gift such as a photo album from Shutterfly, or personalized cufflinks, handkerchief, or jewelry is a thoughtful way to thank those who helped make your wedding possible.

For more inspiration, check out Blueprint’s sample wedding fund registry.