Blueprint Registry

Registries for any occasion, from your big day to your birthday.

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What Is Blueprint Registry?

Blueprint Registry is a free universal registry platform with a curated catalog from top national retailers. Shop room-by-room, add gifts from any online retailer, and import existing registries into one convenient place. You can also create tasteful custom cash gifts like honeymoon funds, charity funds—and anything in between.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Sign up and create a free, personalized wedding registry.

Step 2: Add gifts from top retailers and brands.

Step 3: Add a honeymoon fund or other custom cash gifts.

Step 4: Share only one registry link with your guests!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I register?

You can register at any time. Blueprint sees a lot of couples sign up for a registry shortly after getting engaged or just a couple months before the big day.

How do David’s Bridal and Blueprint Registry work together?

Blueprint Registry is part of the David’s Bridal family. We have the same goal in mind—the desire to help brides throughout the entire wedding journey.

What if I already have a registry with a retailer?

Blueprint can import your existing registries from any retailer to Blueprint. They can consolidate all of your registries into one place.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! The registry is completely free for you to build and share with your guests.

Blueprint Benefits

Wedding Dress on a Budget

Shop top retailers

Explore products room-by-room while shopping from multiple retailers with ease.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

Import existing registries

Already have a registry? No problem! Seamlessly import all of your registries into one location.

Ask the Experts

Fund your future

Add some fun to your registry with a honeymoon fund, charity fund, or custom cash gifts.

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Group gifting

Make any gift a group gift so your friends and family can contribute to your most desired items.

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Add gifts from anywhere

Add a gift from any website with the ‘Add to Blueprint’ Button.

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Completely free

Blueprint charges $0, so you can keep more!