Diann Valentine’s Tips for Making Wedding Dreams Come True!

David’s Bridal is proud to stylishly outfit brides on TNT’s “Wedding Day”, a new reality television series that helps deserving brides ensure that their wedding day is one of the most magical days of their lives. Each week, celebrity wedding planner and author Diann Valentine hosts as family, friends and community come together to create a dream wedding. Today, the David’s Bridal Style Council is thrilled to welcome Diann as a guest blogger who will share tips to ensure your picture-perfect wedding fantasies come true, no matter your budget!

Diann’s Blog: Dream Weddings within Reach

In these uncertain economic times with consumer spending decreasing, there is one milestone that remains recession-proof: your wedding day. Although many brides are exercising cost-conscious decision-making, the opportunity for a woman to have one day to experience the greatest celebration in her life should go without sacrifice. To help you achieve all of your wedding dreams without uttering the ‘R’ word, here are my tips to ensure that your ‘I Do’ day is nothing less than fabulous!

1. Never sacrifice quantity for quality! Rather than compile a guest list that includes everyone from your childhood nanny to your college professors, ask yourself ‘if this were the last celebration of my life, who would I want to celebrate it with me’? This list can make all of the difference between a chic afternoon backyard soiree for 50 of your closest family and friends versus a buffet style reception for 200 complete with aluminum foil containers at the local banquet hall.

2. Choose non-traditional locations! Many hotels and venues will have a designated ceremony and reception location within their event space. Elect to flip the script and swap the areas for a less than predictable celebration. For example, you can opt to have a simple ceremony on an outdoor courtyard or ballroom of a hotel and then invite all of your guests to an intimate dinner and reception inside of the on-site chapel.

3. Color Your Love! Do not allow traditions or seasons to dictate the colors for your celebration. Most brides default to seasonal colors but if tangerine orange, celadon green and blood red excite you and ingnite your creative genius, and your wedding is planned in the middle of winter snow season, do not allow the weather forecast to deter your creative direction. It’s your day and probably the only day when you should absolutely have it your way!

4. Pre-ceremony receptions! Guests often arrive at weddings rather early to be certain not to miss the bride’s grand entrance. However, there are always a few last minute guests rushing in at the last minute or our precious bride herself that is running behind schedule. In anticipation of this often inevitable circumstance, plan for a 15 – 30 minute cocktail reception before the ceremony actually begins. Chilled white wine or naturally-flavored fruit spritzers will be well appreciated by your guests and offer you a cushion of time to mask any last minute delays while appearing to be a gracious and thoughtful host.

5. Unformatted seating! Traditional table seating with place cards is a must for multiple entrees offered for a sit-down dinner reception. However, a more casual affair lends itself to groupings of vignettes that may include sofas with coffee tables, dinner tables and chairs, ottomans and side tables or high cocktail tables with stools. The non-traditional approach to your seating plan will allow everyone to find their comfort zone and enjoy your celebration in the most comfortable manner for themselves – not to mention all of the great conversations that will stem from the variety of options.

For additional tips, please visit www.diannvalentine.com and check out Diann’s tips of the week. Diann Valentine is the co-host of Wedding Day a new reality show from Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) that airs on Saturday mornings at 9am ET on TNT, author of Weddings Valentine Style and Creative Director of her Los Angeles based company D. R. Valentine & Associates, Inc.

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