Summer Sleepover Survival Kit

Summer Sleepover Survival Kit
by Cassandra Morris

Summer is in full swing. With no homework to worry about, it’s all about going to dinner with friends, parties in your favorite dress, and of course, sleepovers. Make 2012 the best summer ever with my sleepover survival kit, below, which will have you ready for anything.

Your entire makeup kit. You know that eye shadow you always skip over in favor of your everyday hue? Now’s the time to give it a try on your lids and on your friends! Grab the latest issue of your favorite magazine and copy a model’s look that you can’t help but covet. You might just discover that neon green eye shadow works on you! When you’re all primped, whip out your…

Camera. It’s time for a photo shoot. One of the best times to take pictures is when you’re all glammed up. Plus, you’ll want proof that you did such an amazing job on your bff’s eye shadow. Now that you have amazing shots, make sure you have…

The latest Instagram update. Filtered photos are where it’s at. Post your photos to Instagram, and make a special hashtag just for your sleepover so they’re easy to find later.

Your laptop… with a built in video camera. You’re all primped and plenty of photos have been snapped. Time to make a silly sleepover video! Perhaps a lip dub and dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe?”

Really cute PJ’s. It’s not often you get to show off your sleepwear, or have a legit excuse to buy those adorable pajama pants you can’t stop drooling over. Your friends will appreciate your style. But make sure you have a backup outfit, like…

An adorable mini dress. Summer is all about being spontaneous, and you never know when your sleepover could turn into a night out. This David’s Bridal mini dress is so versatile; you could wear it out to dinner, to a club, or even to brunch the next day. I’m obsessed with the diagonal ruffle and wide sparkly shoulder strap on this dress. Pair it with silver high heels or fancy sandals.

A 90s movie playlist. When the night’s winding down, have a couple of movies ready to entertain. These lesser-known 90s movies are perfect for sleepovers: “Drop Dead Gorgeous” (1999) is a comedy and mockumentary about small-town beauty pageant contestants and “Jawbreaker” (1999) a black comedy thriller about a high school clique with a big secret.


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