Unveiling Ideas – Tips on finding the right headpiece for your wedding style

Dan Rentillo, David’s Bridal Design Director
Unveiling Ideas – Tips on finding the right headpiece for your wedding style

Finding the right headpiece for your big day is important and can say a lot about your personal style. Traditional brides tend to lean toward the wedding veil while more modern brides are now opting for a blusher or fascinator. Regardless of what you decide to wear, it’s important to remember that your headpiece is the icing on the cake and should add to your overall look, not take away from it.

For the traditional bride
Any veil you choose should complement the style of your dress. If your gown is simple and has minimal detailing, you may want to try a more extravagant veil. Something with three tiers and intricate beading would add the perfect extra touch to a simpler gown.

If you choose a more dramatic style with lots of lace or beading, opt for a simple veil. A longer cathedral or fingertip length style with minimal detailing will complement your gown and not overpower it. At your dress appointment, try on your dress and veil together to make sure you look exactly as you imagined on your big day.

Thanks to Ms. Kate Middleton, the tiara has become the it accessory for brides this year. If you decide to don a tiara, there are a few elements you should keep in mind. Your hair should be worn in an up-do or partially pulled back in the front – and the size of the tiara should complement the size of your hair to balance your look. Also, make sure your tiara works with your dress. If you have a very detailed dress, a glittering tiara may be a bit over the top. If your gown is simpler, a more lavish tiara will pair nicely.

For the modern bride

Blushers and fascinators are great options for the modern bride. These retro yet fresh accessories will keep everyone’s eyes focused on your face and fabulous dress. This less traditional headpiece is a great option for the bride looking to make a fashion-forward splash.

For the reception
All brides, regardless of their personal style may want to opt for an alternate headpiece for the reception. Typically, brides remove their veil post-ceremony and look to highlight their dress during the reception. Smaller hair accessories like flowers or a crystal hair comb are a great option when mingling with guests and dancing the night away.

Once you decide on a headpiece, I suggest talking to your hairdresser and bringing any hairpieces to your trial appointment to make sure your veil works with your preferred hairstyle.

Congratulations and happy headpiece shopping!


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