Real Bride Lashia: How We Met

You might remember Lashia from her appearance on a nationally televised talk show in mid-September where the White by Vera Wang® collection, available exclusively at David’s Bridal, debuted. With her fiancé Chris serving in Afghanistan, her wedding planning process has been particularly challenging. She will be sharing her story with us as she prepares for her July 2011 wedding and shops for her White by Vera Wang® gown.

Today she tells us about the moment she first knew Chris was “the one”:

by Lashia

Chris and I were introduced by his mother, my co-worker, who had wanted to fix us up for weeks. I’ll never forget the day she brought Chris up to my desk with no warning; I was stuffing my face with a cheeseburger! I was thinking, oh no she didn’t, because she had said she was going to give me a heads up before his visit. Of course, I had burger all over my face and sauce on my fingers. I was so dirty that I couldn’t shake his hand!

With my mouth full, I said, “Nice to meet you. Let’s just bump elbows.” He laughed and agreed. His mother walked off and called over her shoulder for me to walk him out. I’m thinking, oh no she didn’t (again!).

I walked Chris out to his car, even though it was very cold. Being the hardcore chick that I am, I went outside with no coat. Chris took off his hoodie, revealing his muscular arms (I was thinking OMG!). I took the jacket and we laughed and joked as we walked to the car, and then – awkward silence. He was too shy to ask for my number! He slowly took his phone out, and I snatched it and said “Give me this phone boy.”

That weekend, New Year’s Eve, we went to the Chick-fil-A Bowl together and had a great time at the GA Dome. When we were leaving the game, I reluctantly asked him, “Would you like to go to church with me?” When he agreed, I wanted to faint or shout, “Yes, Lord! Thank you, Jesus!”

We walked to the church, sat down, and prayed together. We held hands. I felt in my heart that this was the beginning of a new start and the rest of my life; it happened that fast. That evening in church with Chris, my prayers were answered.



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