INVITATION TO STYLE: Putting Your Own Personal Stamp on Your Wedding Stationery

Karen Bussen, Celebrity Wedding Planner & Author

Your wedding invitations are often the first design element of your celebration you’ll share with guests, a hint of what’s to come on the big day itself. While the whole world is going digital, and I consider it completely acceptable to invite folks to brunch or a rehearsal dinner via email or one of the online services, I am a believer in a printed wedding invitation. It’s too important of an event to let the invitation disappear into the ether of the virtual world!
With so many great choices out there, deciding which invitation is right for you can be overwhelming. Here are some insider tips to help you in your search.

o Start with your location and mood. If you’ll be married in a historic space in a black tie ceremony, you might want to opt for a more classic, simple, elegant look for your invitations. If you’ll tie the knot at the beach, a more natural, elemental design might be better. And for a more funky celebration, a bold floral or print could be just the ticket. Write down some adjectives that describe the mood you want to create for your wedding, and use them to guide your whole design process, starting with your invitations.
o Next stop: Color. If you’ve already chosen the colors you want to feature at your wedding, congratulations! You’re a step ahead. If not, start by flipping through magazines or looking online at bridesmaid dress hues and flowers for inspiration. Again, keep your mood in mind—spicier colors for a spicier mood, for example. Then, stick with your chosen color palette as you make decisions about all your design elements, including invitations.
One of the things I love about shopping for invitations on is that you can view the designs by color, so you can browse all the options within one color way. I also like that many of the designs are available in multiple hues, so that you can customize your favorite design to match your wedding palette.
o The whole package. Think of your wedding stationery as a “suite” of pieces, like a well-coordinated wardrobe. While your save-the-dates don’t necessarily have to match your thank-you notes, you will make more of a powerful design statement if you choose elements that harmonize with one another in style and color. Also, you can often get a discount if you order multiple pieces together. And you’ll want to make sure you have those thank-you notes handy early in the process so you can send them off as soon as gifts start to arrive!
o Order extras. Remember, you’ll want to save a few copies of your whole invitation suite as a keepsake of the occasion, and you’ll want to have a few extra copies just in case. So add a few extra invites onto your order and you’ll be good to go!
o Stamp of approval. Check out great online sites like to personalize your wedding postage. You can upload photos or artwork to coordinate with your invitations.


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