Wedding Wednesday! One small way to cut a BIG cost!

Good Morning DB Readers and Happy Wedding Wednesday! Our real brides Chandra is blogging about one small way to cut a BIG cost for your wedding! Read on for the one tip you need to know when planning your wedding if you’re looking to save money!

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As a photographer, I’m usually one of the last people to leave the reception hall after a wedding. You wouldn’t believe a particular wasted item I see almost at nearly every wedding I shoot that simply goes straight into the trash when the crew is doing clean up at the end of the night. Do you have an idea of what it may be? They are….drumroll puh-leeeease! PARTY FAVORS! Yes, party favors! They are single handedly the most trashed item I see after a long night of wedding party festivities. Most of the time, those personalized M&M’s or tediously wrapped bubbles are not something that people really care to keep. Unless it’s something truly sentimental & long lasting – my tip would be to forego your party favors and spend that money somewhere else! I skipped on the party favors at my own wedding and put that money towards a photo booth. It was a huge hit and our guests had fun pictures to take home with them…they even have them hanging in their offices at work!


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